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How can Seniors Improve Fitness with Pilates Exercises?



Pilates is an exercise that can be practiced by individuals of every age. Seniors can improve their fitness with Pilates. However, it is absolutely essential to get trained under Pilates instructors to avoid injuries.

Exercising is necessary for people of every age group and gender. Depending on the age, the exercises should vary. One has to be careful while choosing the type of activity. Pilates is a type of activity which can be practiced by every individual to improve the overall fitness. With age, different health issues come up. To stay healthy and fit, seniors also need exercising. Pilates exercises can be a good option for them. The health benefits of Pilates are immense, and the senior citizens can reap these benefits. However, it is essential to start with the exercise under trained Pilates instructors.

Types of Pilates Exercises suitable for Seniors

Not all types of exercises can be carried out by the senior citizens. Many join gyms or fitness centers while others practice the activities in their own houses. Under the guidance of Pilates instructors, senior citizens can practice different types of workouts. A few of them are listed below:

• One Leg Stance
It is best for improving the balance and toning up the core of the body. As the name suggests, this exercise requires the person, doing it, to stand on one leg, bend the other leg behind at an angle of 90 degrees.

• Oblique Curl Ups
This exercise works upon all the waist muscles of the body and also helps in the stabilization of the core muscles.

• Imprinted Spine
This exercise can be a remedial measure for those who have arthritis. The spinal region is worked upon with this exercise.

• The Runner’s Squat
This type of Pilates exercise is used to increase the sense of the body’s position, orientation, location, and movement, along with its parts.

• Toe and Heal Rock

The flexibility is increased with this exercise. This is because it improves the blood flow to the achy legs and feet.

Important part of Pilates

Some aspects are an essential part of Pilates. With the help of these, exercise can be appropriately practiced:

• Pilates Reformer
This is an integral part of Pilates. The practice of many activities is done using this equipment.

• Pilates Therapy
Many physical therapists are there who can effectively guide the senior citizens with the right training. They are also certified as Pilates instructors.

• Pilates Accessories
Many accessories, like elastic bands, act as therapeutic accessories for Pilates.

• Pilates Cadillac
The Pilates Cadillac offers activities that can be modified clinically.
Health Benefits of Pilates Exercise for Seniors

Apart from improving the overall fitness of the body, Pilates works upon several areas of the body, thereby providing different health benefits to the seniors. These benefits mainly defy the natural reaction of the body as it ages. Some of them are listed below:

• Increases strength of the body.
• It provides flexibility of joints in an all-new way.
• Maintains muscle mass.
• With flexible muscles, their movement also becomes fluid.
• Improves body coordination.
• Improves the sleep habits and appetite of the seniors.
• New energy is regained.
• Improves the balance of the body.

Thus, Pilates can be beneficial for the seniors to regain as well as improve their overall fitness.

Pilates can be beneficial for people of different age groups. To get the maximum results, it is necessary to get the services of a certified Pilates instructor.