Do You Use Proper Weight Training Form?

Many people visit their gym on a regular basis and put a lot of time and effort into their strength training routines. Developing muscle strength with exercise mehods such as weight training is essential to overall health and physical fitness. Unfortunately many people do not follow some simple and logical weight training methods that would greatly improve their results. Using proper weight training form is probably the most important step a person can take to start getting better muscle building results from their workouts.

Proper weight training form is necessary to getting good strength building results from your exercises. It also helps to increase the safety of resistance exercises. Most people perform their movements much too fast which creates momentum. Weather you are lifting a weight stack, a free weight (dumbbells and barbells) or using your own body weight, you do NOT want to generate momentum.  This will help carry the weight and decrease the required muscle tension. Moving  in a manner that does not use much momentum will force your muscle to contract with more force. This is simply based on the laws of physics.

So what should you do? Well the basic recommendation is to take two full seconds to lift the resistance, pause for a second and than lower real slowly taking about four seconds. This amounts to approximately six to seven seconds for one repetition.

Lets use a chin-up as an example. To begin you should be in a full hanging position. Slowly pull up until your chin is above the bar. Now pause in this position. Than lower your body weight very slowly to a count of four. Be sure to go all the way down again to a complete straight arm hanging position. Using the full range of motion is another key to getting maximum results when using proper weight training form.

Performing a chin-up in this manner is much harder than the way that many people do their chin-ups. But making the exercise harder is actually one of your goals. Making your muscles work harder will do a much better job of stimulating strength gains. While we have used the chin-up simply as an example, this method should be applied to all your weight training exercises. It should be noted that when you first start to use proper weight traing form you may not be able to do as many reps or use as much weight as before. This is actually good because it is a sign that you are making the exercise harder to perform which obviously means your muscles are working harder.

Using a good slow and controlled speed of motion is difficult. Your body naturally wants to move faster because that makes the task easier. You will have to discipline yourself to achieve this type of proper weight training form. You should also make sure that you always move through the full range of motion for any given exercise. This will help to develop the full length of the muscles involved. When you begin to concentrate on performing all your strength building exercises in good form you will feel the difference and realize that this is the way to workout to get maximum muscle development benefits.

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