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Three Tips for Winter Workouts



The winter season is the most difficult time of the year to keep in shape, but it is far from impossible.  With a bit of planning, it’s easy to keep off the winter weight that plagues so many people. In order to succeed, you should avoid giving in to pigging out at every holiday party you attend, establish goals with your exercise, and plan a good diet for the winter.  The best protein powder, workout DVDs, and routines will keep you fit through the winter.

Mustering up the willpower to exercise during the warmer months of the year can prove to be challenging enough; the winter months are extremely difficult.  The trick is to accept your limitations.  Be proactive by planning the majority of your workout right from your house.  Allow for 1-2 runs a week in the cold.  Cut down on the normal distance you might run, but supplement the runs with some extra exercise at your house.  If you are fortunate enough to have exercise machines at the house, do several reps on those.  If not, plan on investing in some weights, a jump rope, and DVDs.

Rather than attending a cycling class or lifting weights at the gym, you can do it all from home.  Clear out a small space where you can exercise undisturbed.  Next, set up a stereo or an iPod docking station.  Then set up a TV or computer where you can watch workout videos.  Once you’ve got your routine down, you can switch things up by putting on one of your favorite action films or motivational sports movies.  Half an hour a day, five to six days a week, and you may just be the fittest person in every holiday photo.

Exercise itself isn’t enough to keep you in shape.  It needs to be accompanied by a healthy diet.  The trick to muscle growth is protein.  Put together a shopping list that fits your needs,  to avoid impulse purchases of junk food.  Good sources of protein include nuts, meat, fish, and the best protein powder.  Each meal should have a source of protein and stay light on carbohydrates.  You can start the day with a protein shake, work out, and then have eggs and cottage cheese for breakfast.  Lunch could be beans or tuna salad.  Dinner should include lean meat, steamed chicken, or salad with mushrooms or tofu in it.  By following these tips, you’ll stay trim and healthy through the winter, and feel great come spring.