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Clear Space in Your Home for a Fresh Clean Feeling



Are you spring-cleaning this year? Spring cleaning can actually help your health. There are things that you can donate. Such as unwanted goods which can be someone else’s treasure. Spring cleaning is a time to remove clutter but also help someone else. When you’re cleaning out your space think of who could benefit from the item. Before you give in and throw it away think about an organization that could use the products.

Prom dresses can be recycled. Anything elegant that you haven’t worn for many years can be reused. It’s time to get rid of whatever you no longer wear. Such as a wedding dress, bridesmaid dresses, or dresses from prom. You can get rid of them by distributing the prom dresses to an organization that helps children in need. If you donate your unwanted fancy formalwear to a place in need, as well someone else can benefit from your fabric.

Stuffed animals

If your kid has a room full of stuffed animals and they’re not attached to all of them, you can consider donating to an organization such as a place that goes to children in war zones and dangerous areas such as refugee camps including orphanages who could cuddly a new friend.

Vintage clothing

Maybe someday you’ll fit back into your skinny jeans but in the spirit of cleaning out your closet, you can remove items that you no longer wear. Such as vintage clothing. There are many organizations that will take your clothes and repurposed them or give them to people in need.


Maybe you have athletic shoes that you no longer wear or any type of shoes. The kicks are no longer giving you a kick, such as running shoes. They can be donated to many different athletic places around the world. You can go to any athletic store and ask them where you can donate your running shoes many of them will use the shoes and send them to places like Africa, Central America, and even Haiti.

Don’t worry if your shoes are brand-new even if they don’t work…

they can be recycled and use the material for tracks and playgrounds across the world.

Arts and crafts

Maybe you have leftover art supplies from that meeting. You tried knitting and you don’t know what to do with the leftover supplies. You can join an organization that will take the supplies and sells them. You can donate your beautiful art.

Extra toothbrushes

Every time you go to the dentist to get a free toothbrush you don’t necessarily need all those package toothbrushes in your closet. You can donate your toothbrushes and your unused toothpaste.

Spring cleaning is not just about clearing out clutter you can actually clear out clutter for a healthy outlook on life. What you donate can help others. It will make a big difference in those around the world and help save a child.