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Winter Weight Loss Secrets



Best health tips ever how to be fit and healthy

Are you feeling completely stuffed from the Thanksgiving holiday? Perhaps you overate and did not take care of yourself. Fear not, you don’t have to make the entire holiday week a “let yourself go” week. In fact, you can bounce back rather quickly with these easy to apply health tips.

Forgive yourself

The first step is to recognize that it’s the holiday season and it is okay to eat more and not feel guilty. Look at the bright side, you get to spend time with family and friends. If you overate and you’re starting to feel bad about it, simply forgive yourself and you will be able to bounce back quicker.

Drink more water 

The next couple of weeks drink as much water as you can. Water has a natural way of healing the body and helping you detoxify. Water can also be good for your smile. Drinking lots of water can help wash away food particles that build up which can in turn cause cavities and bacteria in your mouth.

Often when we feel hungry we are really just thirsty. When you’re feeling extra hungry just get a glass of water and drink it, wait 20 minutes, and see if you’re still hungry.

Floss your teeth

Many people forget to floss their teeth this time of year. Although they may continue brushing their teeth, flossing is just as important, if not more. If you overate on Thanksgiving, chances are you still have some food stuck in between your teeth. And it can get wedged in there and often cause cavities. Go ahead and find a well-flavored floss to get it out immediately. Floss is one of the best ways to help freshen your breath and keep you cavity-free.

Avoid overeating

It’s important after Thanksgiving that you don’t turn the whole entire week or month leading up to Christmas into an overindulgent episode of “eat everything in sight.” In fact, you can bounce back even quicker by watching what you eat. You can bounce back by having a detoxing effect as you drink more water and watch your portion sizes. Put yourself on a weeklong detox. You’ll feel better in your own body.

These health tips can help you feel better and possibly lose some weight between now and the end of the year.