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Weight Loss

Small Goals makes it Possible to Lose Weight



Everyone wants to lose weight, but the problem is that many tend to give up before they even see the result.  If you are one of them then consider your problem solved as a new study claims that you just need to have small goals if you wanted to achieve weight loss.

Lauren Whitt, Ph.D., director of UAB Employee Wellness said that people tend to give up early if they do not see results immediately.  They believe that it could not be done.

Whitt explained that by having small goals one after another, it will be easier for anyone to lose weight.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) believe that small weight-loss goals make it possible for anyone to achieve their weight loss goals that they can keep for a longer time.  The CDC suggests that people must reduce calorie intake by 500 to 1,000 calories per day.

There is another way that you can lose weight, and that is not by focusing on the number of pounds you lose weight.  Instead, focused on maintaining the pounds you have right now and not to gain weight anymore.

Grant Martin, a guy who works in the UAB Office of Public Relations and Marketing takes part in a weight loss contest and manages to lose 16 pounds in a period of 10-weeks because he focused on not gaining weight rather than losing weight.

He runs and looks at the scale every day so that he could know if he gains weight. Weighing himself every day keeps him motivated to pursue his weight loss goal.

Martin added that getting some motivation from a friend or family member will help motivate you.  They can encourage you to keep going even when you are thinking of quitting.

Another reason why he manages to lose weight is that he never thinks of failing the weight loss challenge.  He tells himself every day that he will win the contest.   Persistence is needed if you wanted to achieve anything.