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Weight Loss

Why People Give Up on Their Weight Loss Regimen



Many people have New Year’s resolutions to lose weight. Unfortunately, many will not reach their goals.

Too often, people give up on their weight loss regimen. It might be for a variety of reasons. Here are some of the most popular.


Injuries can really kill a weight loss regimen. To avoid injury, talk with a doctor or a personal trainer before starting any training programs. Take the time to properly warm-up before exercise. Also, think outside of strength and cardio training. Consider doing some Yoga.


Sometimes people get frustrated when the scale doesn’t move fast enough. Losing weight is not a sprint. It’s a marathon. There are going to be times where the scale doesn’t budge. The important thing is to stay focused.


It can be physical, it can be mental. The important thing is to manage your pain. It’s quite possible you might experience pain during workouts, or maybe it’s the emotional strain of not losing enough weight. The key is to fight through the hurt and learn from it. If you think the pain may be stemming from an injury, see a doctor.


Doing the same old exercises and eating the same old things will drive anyone crazy. The key is to mix things up. Try different healthy recipes every week. Visit a health club that has professional fitness experts. They can assist in developing a custom training program just for you.

Lack of Motivation

Some people just don’t have the drive to lose weight. Creating visual goals can help you motivate yourself. Maybe you want to look great for your 20-year high school reunion. Or maybe you want to drop a few dress sizes. The key is to set a goal that you can actually see.

Love of Food

Sometimes we just can’t resist eating a hamburger or a piece of cake. The key is to eat rich foods in moderation. Treat yourself to a burger every now and then. Get help by visiting a nutritionist or joining a weight loss support group.

Understanding the reasons people give up on their weight-loss regimens can help you reach your fitness goals for 2013. Keep your focus and have a good support group around you. Your chances of success will be a lot better.