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Moving During Difficult Time – Breaking up and Moving out



This is not what you might really want, but here it is – if time has come for you to end a relationship, move on with your life. It is difficult to say goodbye especially if you have had a long term commitment and even children. But, sometimes circumstances change and for one reason or another, people separate. In this particular tough case moving is a bit more difficult than the regular relocation scenario. Moving during difficult times is very challenging because along with coping with your personal issues, you also have a moving process to plan and organize. This article’s going to help you if you are moving out after a breakup.

Moving out and Breaking up

If you’re breaking up and moving out, one of the best options you have is to get movers to do the moving. In this particular moment in your life, you need strength and consciousness to focus on dealing with the moving during difficult times. That is why consider finding a moving company for your relocation – an expert mover that can complete your move without any worries, smoothly and professionally.

One step at a time

In the first place, discuss the common belongings. If you are renting the place and if you have bought things together, go around the house to make a list with your entire inventory. Then you should sit down and talk over the possession of all of these things. Although it may be unpleasant for you, getting some clarity on who will have what is crucial for a successful moving out after breaking up for both of you. It is important to make it clear who takes what because the cost of your move will be based on the weight of the items you are moving with.

If there’s too much time for you until moving day, you can stay at friends and in the meantime ask the moving company to pack your things. It will be much quicker and more professional than if you do it by yourself. This means that you won’t have to spend so much time at your home. If spending time there with your ex is unpleasant, then just step away from it. Give yourself the time to go through this difficult period for you (and also probably for your ex) and let the movers take care of your belongings.

If you can’t stand the presence of your (already ex) partner, you can ask him/ her to leave you alone on a moving day. You can also consider moving during a weekday when the ex is at work. An option is to have a mutual friend stop by at your home on a moving day just to make sure you’re doing fine. Keep it nice and simple, don’t argue and do not fight.

That never helps, it only makes things worse. No matter what the reason for the breakup is, be strong and move on. If the other person is the one who actually is leaving you, try and show some consideration for the other person’s feelings by letting him/ her pack and go. Although you may be angry or upset with your ex, doing your best to make the separation more bearable for both of you will pay you back by decreasing the discomfort this whole situation.

Finding the Right Mover for You

How to move out after a breakup is a question that has a very simple answer – find a professional mover. Moving companies that have many years of experience have seen it all and are able to support you in this tough time for you. Moving out will be easier for you if the moving company does the packing and organizes the whole relocation process for you.

That is why your most important decision should currently be finding a reliable moving company. There are a few parameters of quality to follow in your search – check out the USDOT number of the company and its rating, read reviews and ask for references from people who have recently moved. Moving out when you break up should be organized only by a trustworthy mover.

Another tip that could help you is to share this article in your social profiles and ask people there to comment. You may get not just a recommendation for a good company but also many tips from the experience of these people. After that, it is just a matter of time to move out and move on with your life. And whatever happens, remember that however you may be feeling, nothing lasts forever and neither does grief. Good luck with your relocation!