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Bust Off Your Fear of Lifting Weight with Les Mills Pump!



Are you scared of lifting weights? It is time the right time to get over it. Get yourself Les Mills Body Pump to strengthen your muscles while lifting small weights using high repetition resistance training. In this way, you will discover a stronger and healthier you and surprisingly get rid of excessive fats.

Let us conquer your “Fear”!

By understanding your fear, you can conquer it. You might think that you are a woman and women are delicate beings that is why they should not lift weights. You might be of the view that you might be at risk of breaking your spine or back while lifting heavyweight. Well, can you explain why athletic women are able to lift more than 100 Kg weights? You might say because they serve so many years in training etc. If you are looking for Les Mills Results for Women then to your surprise, there are many female coaches at Beachbody who have already done Les Mills Pump Workout and Body Beast Workout that involves weight lifting at a higher level? Please get over your excuses Buy Les Mills Pump today!

Change your mind; Start Les Mills Pump

Les Mills Pump Workout by Beachbody is a home fitness program that facilitates you with all the stuff and exercises right at your home. You can burn up to 1,000 calories per workout through this workout. What would you get with this kit? You will get two 5 and 10lb weight plates, two safety clips, and a barbell with 7 workout DVD’s with one DVD to prepare you for this workout. You will also get your lean, strong, and unstoppable fitness guide; get a lean nutrition guide, tape measure, and measurement tracker. You will also get free online support 24/7 to assist you.

Get Started with Les Mills Pump Workouts Now!

You can begin your workout by learning how to adjust weights, barbells, and lifting techniques from the DVD named Les Mills Basics that would require your 10 minutes. You will start with fundamental resistance exercises for 20 minutes through the Les Mills Pump Challenge DVD.  You feel the burn by doing compound moves in the workouts named as Les Mills Pump and Burn for 30 minutes. You will shred your fats through rep effect for 45 minutes by repeating sets with lightweights in Les Mills Pump and Shred.

You will build your lean muscles while burning excessive calories for 55 minutes in the Les Mills Pump Revolution. You will do extreme muscle training workouts for 55 minutes in Les Mills Pump Extreme. With two bonus DVD’s you will do Les Mills Flow to increase your flexibility and strength building while involving your whole body. Finally, you will work over your mid-section to build hardcore abs for 20 minutes in Les Mills Hard Core Abs. Like it? Place your order now!