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Facts About Body Fat You Should Know



Facts about body fat you should know

Every woman wants to get rid of as much body fat as she can to make her look as good as possible. There are things you do not know about body fat, but they are quite substantial. See 5 unknown facts about body fat.

Most people think body fat is merely excess calories that our body stores and which should be removed at all costs. This statement, however, is wrong.

Scientists’ opinion is that body fat is actually crucial to our wellbeing. This is because fat not only keeps calories but also produces the hormones the body needs to function. With these hormones, it can affect appetite, metabolism, bone strength, reproductive organs, and the immune system.

That’s why it is no wonder that nature wants a man to store fat – they are not necessary and essential!

Loss of body fat increases appetite

Body fat produces a hormone called leptin that passes through the blood and reaches the brain where it affects appetite. When we lose fat, we also lose the leptin production. When this happens, our brain reacts by sending more signals of hunger. For this reason, be careful about how you lose weight and break down with your fat.

Loss of body fat slows down metabolism

Losing fat, you also lose leptin. This hormone is needed for the optimal functioning of the muscles. Less leptin production decreases muscle efficiency and slows down metabolism by about 10% at rest and 25% during exercise.

Body fats can redirect blood to themselves

Sounds like science fiction, but it’s true. When a person gains body fat, signals are sent to the veins, and new fat capillaries appear. These containers store the nutrients, oxygen, and waste that the fats need. They also create a new channel through which additional calories can be stored and converted into fat.

Body fats can be created without food intake

Stem cells can form different tissues depending on the needs of your body. Because our bones, muscles, and cartilage wears out, the body uses stem cells to replace them. Fats also move in this unique way. When our body needs new fat cells, the stem cells become fats over the bones and the muscle cells.

Laziness and gluttony also make a person fat

Although overeating, unhealthy eating as a whole, and minimal physical activity will undoubtedly make a person fatter and this is why fat has other ways of “growing up.” Hormones play an important role in weight gain. Unfortunately, fat-burning hormones such as growth hormone and testosterone decrease with age. In this way, a person raises the weight, even though they do not change their way of life.

Women store fat two or three times more than men and are experiencing greater difficulty when it comes to weight loss.

If you have a problem with fat loss, thanks to yo-yo diets, age, or genetics, do not despair! Here’s what you can do:

Limit food intake in an 8-hour interval

Research shows that limiting calorie intake to a shorter time window helps to reduce fat and appetite.

Fitness and training

Training helps to prevent the metabolism slowdown caused by weight loss. Strength training in combination with cardio 3 times a week (1 hour) is sufficient to improve metabolism.