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Top Swimming Workouts to help you Lose Body Fat in the Pool



Top swimming workouts to help you lose body fat in the pool

It is evident that workouts are as important as breathing and eating as they help in keeping the body in perfect shape. However, the majority of people tend to avoid it because of various reasons such as boredom, pain, discomfort, and excess sweating. Many people do not have an idea that they can cut down excess weight, tone their body and slim while swimming.

Pool workouts can be the perfect fat burners and remedies that can assist you to ease the development of arthritis and fibromyalgia. If you have a swimming pool in your home or you can access to a community pool, make good use of it so that you can challenge your muscle to burn out excess fat successfully without tedious work. Swimming is also a healthy and fun activity for kids. Always make sure you carry your kids robes to keep them warm when they are not in the pool.

How water assist in burning calories

Many people are not familiar with the body-shaping and calorie burning perks of working out in a pool. If done correctly, pool exercises can lead to a remarkable calorie burn and muscle recruitment. Note that a simple swimming exercise can burn more than 400 calories every hour while vigorous strokes and movements while swimming will help you burn more than 700 calories. Since water tends to have a high density than air, it serves as an excellent resistance medium that exercises the whole body right from the core and the hips to the arms, shoulders and lower limbs. Additionally, it assists in promoting the metabolism of the body and supports the formation of lean muscles mass.

The best part about pool exercising is that it allows to work out your body while it’s gentle to the body. Due to its density, water neutralizes gravity, making the body almost weightless and this helps in saving the joints from too much strain. Unlike doing workouts in the gym or running, swimming exercise can be executed in the whole life.

Here are some of the great swimming pool workouts that can help you burn those fats successfully.

Water is one of the prominent fitness instrument that offers powerful resistance that cannot be provided with any gym machines. It assists in strengthening the muscle, boosting cardio intensity and promoting calorie burn and weight loss as you reduce the risk of injury. Additionally, it makes the exercise easier and more enjoyable.


Have you ever imagined that fat burning workouts could be entertaining and stimulating? Well, this is true if you exercise in a swimming pool. The first workout on the list of fantastic swimming pool workouts that can help you burn the fats fast is the Spiderman. This workout aims at training the back and core muscles. All you are required to do is climb on the wall of the pool just like the superhero Spiderman climbs big apartments.

How to do it

Stand still on the edge of the swimming pool and tilt your body gradually in the water as you attempt to walk up the wall of the pool and then return to the floor. Do this practice as you sweep your arms back and forth in the water for you to stabilize your upper body. Repeat the whole process four times as you alternate the legs each time you complete one circuit.

Pool plank

The plank is an efficient isometric core strength workout that is one of the greatest fat burnings you can do to obtain flat abs. Note that a pool plank is perfect for those people with a weak upper body and it is hard for them to hold a classic plank for an extended period. Pool plank assists you to boost endurance since the pushing and to pull off the water challenges the core.

How to do it

Stand firmly on the floor of the pool as you hold a noodle or water log in a vertical position using both arms and then press the noodle into the water and lean front ways until your body is inclined. Make sure your head is still in the water at this position and try to remain at this position for 3 minutes.

Jogging in the pool

It is evident that there is no better workout for burning fats faster than jogging, but the sweat, pain, burning and the breathlessness that associated with this cardio work out make it one of the despised workouts. However, pool jogging can help you transform the exercise into cardio fun and happening as the activity changes the normal jogging into an entirely new level.

Tips to do it

The first thing you need to do is to create multiple currents and waves in the pool for you to create a resistance. You can start running through the waves for you to strengthen and stabilize your core muscles and burn the fats. However, you need to ensure that you run with apt alignment where your ears, shoulders, and hips will be inclined vertically. This will compel the core to stay engaged so that your body will be maintained in an upright posture.

Otter role

This is one of the most effective pool exercises that assist you to burn the fats and work on the problem parts of the body such as abs, but, back and legs where losing weight is difficult. The workout can be conducted while holding a beach ball or just without holding anything.

Tips on how to do it

If you decide to use a beach ball, cuddle it on your chest and float on the back and extend your legs and let your feet touch each other. Then, spin the tip of the ball like an otter revolving in the water. Utilize the force of your whole body comprising your core, back, shoulders and legs so that you can finish the complete revolution and return to the starting point. Continue to spin for half a minute as you change the direction after a couple of spins.

These powerful and effective pool workouts can assist you to burn excess calories in the body faster without getting tired and using all your energy and extracting too much sweat. Once you are done with the swimming pool workout, use a high-quality Turkish towels to dry your body and get that awesome feeling.

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