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Glyconutrients Improve Muscle Function



How to develop and maintain healthy muscles is of vital importance to our well-being as we constantly strive to maintain and enjoy good health well into old age. As we age we lose elasticity and strength in our muscles which limits our independence. We abuse our muscles daily and take them for granted until they become unhealthy and limit our ability to function properly.

With approximately 656 to 850 different muscles in our bodies, we need to know how to keep them healthy. One of the most recent major discoveries related to maintaining healthy muscles and bodies is Glyconutrients.

Sugar contains 200 different carbohydrates but 8 of them are essential to the bodies functioning. These complex sugars called glycans are nutrients our bodies require to have a healthy immune system. Regular diets today usually only contain 2 of the 8 nutrients that are needed to maintain a healthy body.

Exercise requires the use of muscles and is one of the essential ingredients to help us maintain a healthy lifestyle. This nutrient leads to healthy muscles by attaching to our cells. Our body is made up of 600 trillion cells that require this essential nutrient. They communicate to our body telling it how to function.

Athletes work out specific muscles with the objective of achieving maximum performance. This excessive exercising ultimately diminishes the immune system’s ability to fight off infections, repair tore tissue and the healing process is prolonged when it becomes compromised. Problems with health and performance reverse the results they initially set out to achieve.

Athletes have noticed a great improvement in range of motion, performance, and overall well-being when taking Glyconutrients. They also have a decrease in body fat and increase muscle mass. It is a fact that excessive exercise affects the immune system. When it does not function properly our resistance to fight off illnesses greatly decreases and the physical stress you put on your muscles can affect you later in life.

Exercising and exposure to pollutants produce free radicals that help generate energy and fight off infections. Our bodies can produce too many free radicals they become an enemy to the body and damage fat cells, immune cells, and cells that line the arteries. Antioxidants prevent this surplus of free radicals that can do harm. Myalgic Encephalitis is a disease that affects the muscles and the brain. These affect the muscles causing spasms, pain, and fatigue with normal exercise. After taking this nutrient it boosts stamina and increases endurance for the fatigue.

Glyconutrients are one of the most important discoveries recently in our constant battle to maintain a healthy immune system which vital to healing, repairing, regeneration, and improving its’ function of our bodies. Along with the proper combination of vitamins, minerals, water, fiber, water, essential fatty acids and amino acids, antioxidants, and exercise. What also makes them unique is they treat the root of the illness verses dealing with the symptoms of the disease and are not toxic haven’t any negative long term effects. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle helps improves the overall quality of our life and exercise and healthy muscles are vital for the long term good health.