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5 Signs that Indicate you have a Slow Metabolism




People don’t know much about their metabolism. They blame it for their obesity, or they take it for granted if they have no weight problems. Your metabolism, however, concerns your health in a much bigger way than you might think.

Therefore, if you experience any of these signs, you probably have a metabolic problem that you should solve right away before it has done more damage to your health.

#1. You experience constant fatigue

The reasons for your fatigue can be numerous – workaholism, active fitness training, lack of sleep, the list goes on. But if you always feel tired, it may be because of your metabolism. If it is too slow, your body may have difficulty converting the food into energy fast enough, which makes you feel weak and exhausted.

#2. Your skin and hair look dry and exhausted

If you have a metabolic problem, this slows the process of cell renewal, where your skin and hair lose their healthy appearance. Of course, these problems can also be due to many other issues such as aging, climate conditions, vitamin deficiency, etc.

#3. You crave more sweet and processed food

Slow metabolism and fatigue make people hunt for alternative sources of energy, such as sugar products, oily foods, and so on. If you sleep well and eat well, but you still keep dreaming about a bunch of sweetness, then your metabolism fails to process the food you ate into the energy that your body needs.

#4. You gain weight even though you eat well

This is one of the most common symptoms of having a bad metabolism. And many overweight people actually do not owe their pounds to stacks of harmful food, but to metabolism that is too slow and cannot process the food intake. As a result, it stays in your body as fat.

#5. You constantly feel cold

The process of the degradation of food and its conversion into energy is associated with the release of heat. With a slow metabolism, however, the amount of heat that is released is much less, which could explain why you are always cold.

If you feel any of these signs and think you have a metabolic problem, ask an endocrinologist or dietitian. Do your blood tests and watch how many calories you consume a day.