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3 Things in Your Kitchen Right Now That Can Take Care of All Your Beauty Issues



If you don’t think beauty matters in our society today then you must be living under a rock. Thanks to the media portraying how we as people should look to be beautiful, it is hard not to feel like being beautiful matters.

Beauty matters so much that people are willing to spend hundreds of dollars on the simplest over the counter beauty products. The cosmetic industry makes over $10 billion dollars every year selling products that promise people it will help them remove wrinkles, look younger, lift eyelids, and more bold claims.

Both men and women want to look good because it is how everybody else perceives them. Especially when you meet somebody for the first time you want to feel beautiful and make a good first impression.

The sad truth is that not everybody can afford to pay hundreds of dollars for popular cosmetic products. Thankfully, if you want to enhance your beauty you can do so naturally with items you probably already have in your kitchen. Check out these 3 home remedies you can use for your everyday beauty needs.


Papaya is rich in Vitamin A which will help get rid of dead skin by eliminating inactive proteins. This fruit has been used as a natural exfoliate skin for years in exclusive spas around the world.

To make a papaya mask simply add some papaya in the blender and pulse it until the fruit has been grounded to a paste. Now take this raw papaya paste and apply it directly to your face.  You can also use this paste to heal your cracked or sore feet.

If you feel your skin is getting a little too dark for your liking you can use papaya to lighten your skin. Combine a cup of papaya, a tsp of vitamin E oil, and a tsp of plain yogurt. Once you have combined all these ingredients properly apply it directly to your damp face and rub it in.

Allow it to sit for at least 10 minutes before rinsing off with water. You may feel a little tingling sensation once finished, which indicates it is working.


You probably have a juicy apple in your refrigerator right now you can’t wait to bite into. However, did you know you can use apples as a natural beauty product? Apples have been known to help reduce wrinkles and tighten up loose skin.

Eating raw apples or drinking apple juice on a regular basis will help you get rid of gum issues by strengthening them, and also whiten your teeth. Also, eating enough fresh apples will provide you with the vitamins you need to whiten your skin and keep it glowing.

You can get rid of skin blemishes with apples by mashing them up with some milk and applying it directly to your face. You can also slice some apples and place the slices under your eyes for ten minutes to get rid of dark circles.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

You probably use extra virgin olive oil every time you cook something and never thought about how it can be used for your beauty needs. Some of the ingredients found in the products used by the cosmetic industry to stop skin problems are found in olive oil.

Extra virgin olive oil has components that can rejuvenate skin that has been damaged. Also, the antioxidants naturally found in olive oil can help you regain a smoother and firmer skin by stimulating your cells.

To use extra virgin olive oil as a make-up remover simply apply it directly to your face and allow it to break up your make-up by letting it sit for a while. Wash off the oil and the broken make-up with a little warm water.

You can use olive oil as a skin moisturizer too by applying the oil to your dampened skin. Your skin must be damp so the water can help reduce the greasiness of the oil. If you are not comfortable applying raw olive oil onto your skin you can simply add some to your daily moisturizer to enhance its skin moisturizing benefits.

These are some effective home remedies you can use for your everyday beauty needs. Instead of spending money on expensive make-up removal try using that bottle olive oil, you got stored in your cabinet.