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Jobs That Cause The Most Skin Damage



Skin is one of the most important organs because it is responsible for protecting the internal organs from damage. Apart from serving as protection for internal organs, skin acts as insulation for the body so that it stays at an optimum temperature. Although the skin is resistant and regenerates itself quite quickly, it is still prone to damage that leads to a multitude of problems like wrinkling, dark spots, and even an increased chance of skin cancer. Some jobs place people at a higher risk of skin damage, and here are a few examples:


The sun is responsible for causing the most skin damage that occurs because of the UV rays it emits. UVA rays cause the most damage because they penetrate deeper into the skin, yet UVB rays are just as bad. UVB rays cause dark spots, freckling, and sunburns that lead to skin cancer. Because of their profession, lifeguards have increased chances of developing skin cancer. Since lifeguards spend hours in the hot, blazing sun, their skin becomes bombarded by UV rays. Lifeguards can minimize the amount of damage to their skin by applying sunblock every two hours during their shift.


Like lifeguards, fishermen must face long hours in the hot sun. Unfortunately for them, the sun’s rays reflect off the water, which means they get a double dose of damaging rays. However, wearing special sun hats, along with the regular use of sun cream, can help minimize damage. Sunglasses can also minimize the amount of radiation that penetrates the eyes.

Car Mechanics

Mechanics are exposed to a lot of chemicals and free radicals during a typical workday. The oil they work with can clog their pores, which increases the risk of developing acne, and it can speed up the aging process. Apart from the sun, chemicals can also damage skin, and they can also increase someone’s risk of developing cancer. In order to slow the damage to their skin, car mechanics should consume foods with antioxidants. If possible, they can use facial creams that contain antioxidants to protect their skin as well.

Bus Drivers

Some might find it shocking that this profession made it on the list. Since bus drivers spend long hours driving around the city, they get plenty of skin damage from the sun. Your skin is still vulnerable to the sun’s rays in a car because glass only filters UVB rays, not UVA rays. UVA rays are responsible for causing the most skin damage. The best way to protect against skin cancer is to wear sun protection like sun cream, hats, and glasses.

Amusement Park Workers

People who work in amusement parks also suffer from plenty of skin damage because they spend long hours under the sun. Alas, skin cancer is one of the most common forms of cancer in the United States, and what’s surprising is that it can be prevented. SPF 30 can filter 97% of damaging UV rays, which can drastically reduce the amount of damage your skin gets.