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My Quest to Have Firmer Skin



When my skin started to feel saggy a few years ago, that was the moment I started to look for a product to bring back its firmness.  A magazine which I have been receiving for free had articles about keeping the skin firm, but it categorically caters women ages 50 and up. Nevertheless, I still continue to read it cover to cover to know more about the subject matter, after all, I still get to learn tips on how to bring back firmness of the skin. I shall not wait until I reach 50 before I apply those tips to keep the firmness of my skin, correcting the condition early on will be easier instead of waiting for years before finally making a move.

When purchasing a magazine, you usually look at the cover and when you find something that interests you, you get and pay for it so you can bring it home. However, there are times when you get disappointed because you could not find the article you are very much interested in no matter how many times you turn the page. That happened to me during my initial search for the perfect solution for my sagging skin.

I have also encountered and read articles that are of no help. It is too complex, too serious, too simple, and even unrealistic. So I just thoroughly read the articles and try to know more about solutions on making the skin firmer and tighter although mostly it is concentrated on the next and face areas.

My concern includes the stomach, arms, and legs and it’s been difficult to look for articles that discuss such problems, but I continued to look for ways, certainly, I would not want to undergo invasive procedures so I patiently look for products that will bring back elasticity to my skin and tried different exercise activities to help it look firmer.

In my quest of finding the product that will help in recovering collagen and elastin of skin, I have learned that there are certain ingredients that had been most helpful such as Cynergy TK which is functional keratin, Phytessence Wakame which is an extract from Japanese seaweed, and Coenzyme Q10 which is a powerful oxidant. All these ingredients help in the natural way to make the skin tight thus products containing such ingredients can help my dilemma. They stimulate the production of skin proteins, especially when combined with other essential vitamins and minerals.

Now that I have found the ingredients that can help in recovering my good skin I have realized that these alone would not be sufficient, there are good habits that are needed to be practiced to make recovery faster. I need to drink lots of water to keep my skin hydrated and moisturized, another is exercise, which helps not only in making the muscles firm but as well as keeping the circulation thereby allowing my skin to be nourished and most importantly, maintaining a well-balanced diet, this will ensure that I get the nutrients that my body and skin needs and also it will help in achieving the normal weight.