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Beautiful Looks -The Natural Way



She reminded me of Lord Byron’s famous poem, “She walks in beauty”.  Her innocent smile and twinkling eyes perfectly complemented her peachy complexion. Her glorious mane framed her chiseled face to perfection and highlighted her facial features which were totally devoid of any makeup. I wondered if she was real, she was beauty personified.

The women of the contemporary generation find it extremely difficult to retain their natural beauty and keep looking out for those coveted “beauty secrets”. Grandma’s tips are often forgotten or lost in time. Maintaining your natural beauty is all about introducing one’s self to your inner self and using simple tips that help in retaining the great looks that have been bestowed by the Almighty.

Where Do You Start?

One of the primary ways of looking naturally beautiful is by hydrating your skin with at least 8-10 glasses of water on a daily basis, eating a healthy and balanced diet, and exercising for a minimum of 30 minutes.” Moderation” is the keyword that applies to the overall lifestyle, food intake, and all other activities. Simple and easy- isn’t it?

Not all of us are fortunate enough to possess the “perfect skin”. However, there are innumerable foolproof processes that use natural and herbal products to make your skin flawless and naturally radiant. Home-based recipes, face packs, natural moisturizers, and essential oils have proved to be useful in retaining natural looks and are inexpensive options for cosmetic care and salon treatments.

The racks in the beauty salons and cosmetic showrooms showcase an exhaustive range of natural products that help in removing skin disorders and anti-aging symptoms. But having the knowledge of your skin type can go a long way in choosing the correct remedy or product for you. It is important to pamper your entire body with natural oil, exfoliators, and lotions and have an elaborate bathing regime to make each part of your body naturally beautiful and replenished.

One of the most striking features of your personality is your hair. To maintain its natural luster and shine, indulge in a head massage and natural oiling processes. This regenerates the growth of the cells in the scalp, makes the hair healthier and prevents damages such as split ends, falling of hair, and premature graying. Regular trimming and staying away from in –fashion chemical dyes and harsh hair treatment, is important to maintain the softness and natural sheen of your crowning glory.

A natural and genuine smile that displays a set of pearly whites is the most prominent feature of people who are naturally beautiful. Simple cosmetic teeth whitening procedures, help in the removal of any blemishes or discolorations from the teeth, and restores the natural whiteness and shine. A natural smile is a combination of a pure heart, positive thought processes, and optimism. Your smile reflects your confidence and self-esteem and attracts onlookers towards yourself.

Retaining your natural beauty may be difficult with the increasing levels of stress, pollution, skin complications, and other aging problems but it is not impossible. Contrary to popular belief there are no “beauty secrets”. Natural beauty is all about following simple measures that initiate positive lifestyle changes and help you indulge in easy but effective beauty regimes.