Natural Beauty Products

There are a wide range of different natural beauty products available, all of which have a specific value. Most commonly used as part of everyday beauty regimes, products like natural shampoos and conditioners, tanners, moisturisers, and soaps can be made using organic ingredients that won’t damage sensitive skin or the environment. These products are also tested to ensure that they are suitable for various skin types, while being produced with an emphasis on cutting out harmful chemicals. Of these products, the top ten that everyone should own include:

1 – Moisturiser

Natural moisturisers are designed to not use synthetic ingredients, and are intended to provide a non-greasy alternative to chemical based products. Organic moisturisers that use natural oils and extracts are also excellent for hydrating the skin. These kind of moisturisers can also be used daily without damaging your skin.

2 – Lip Balm

Again removing synthetic ingredients, natural lip balms are ideal for providing your lips with hydration, as well as a pleasant aroma of fruit. Able to reproduce the same effects as synthetic lip balms, natural alternatives are better for your skin and the environment.

3 – Shampoo and Conditioner

You can improve the quality of your hair by using shampoos and conditioners that cut out sulfates, preservatives and other chemicals that can lead to brittle hair. Natural alternatives reduce greasiness, and use ingredients like soy proteins and camomile to clean and smooth hair.

4 – Tanning Cream

Most self tanning creams contain a lot of chemical dyes, which are generally harmful to the skin. A natural alternative to these dyes typically contains plant extracts and dyes that produce the same effects.

5 – Eye Shadow

Natural eye shadows make use of essential oils to provide different colours and shades, and are particularly recommended if you have sensitive skin.

6 – Concealer

Chemical based concealers can damage the skin over time, with natural alternatives being set up to protect your skin through the use of vitamins, antioxidants and vegetable extracts. These ingredients help to smooth and revitalise the skin without leaving a chemical residue.

7 – Soap

Natural soap brands like Dr. Bronner’s remove harmful surfactants, and instead rely on natural oils to rehydrate the skin. These soaps can similarly be combined with hard wearing black soap for extra cleaning.

8 – Shaving Cream

Again avoiding toxic ingredients, shaving creams that use natural extracts and essential oils help to open pores and provide the skin with antioxidants, which in turn help with exfoliation.

9 – Foundation

A good natural foundation aims to hydrate the skin, while avoiding the use of mineral makeups that contains skin damaging ingredients like titanium dioxide. Foundations of this kind are typically formulated to work with sensitive skin, and can be combined with other natural beauty products.

10 – Facial Masks

An easy to make home-made facial mask can involve oatmeal combined with almond oil and eggs, which when left on for half an hour or so will moisturise the skin. Any facial mask that uses natural ingredients and vegetables like cucumbers also work well in providing an alternative to synthetic treatments.

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