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The Secret to Silky Smooth Skin



Smooth skin is a sign of health, youth, and happiness. There are tons of different issues that can cause your skin to look less-than-perfect, but they can all be fixed with proper care. Whether you have acne scars, age spots, dry patches, or fine lines, you can restore your skin’s softness by only taking better care of it. Here are some tips guaranteed to make your skin silky smooth.

Keep It Clean

It is essential to keep your skin as clean as possible if you want it to be soft. Washing your face before bed and taking regular showers will help, as will in-home exfoliating treatments. You could even go through microdermabrasion at home to remove the outer layer of your skin. New skin will grow in its place without the dirt and grime of its former counterpart. Keep your skin free of the toxins it collects throughout the day, and you will notice a positive difference in its appearance.

Keep It Open

Clogged pores can easily cause pimples, boils, and all those other nasty barnacles that no one wants to see on her skin. You need to make sure that your pores stay open no matter what, even if you’re wearing makeup. Try wearing a mineral or aerosol foundation that is designed to help skin breathe. If you can get away without wearing makeup at all, that would be even better. Let your skin air out as needed, and you won’t have to worry about looking like a potato chip.

Keep It Moist

Use moisturizer every day to keep your skin feeling smooth and soft. This may sound like a contradiction to the tip above, but the two can go hand in hand. Your skin needs some oil to maintain its vitality, but the dirt and grime of the day is not that kind of oil. By using the right moisturizer, you can restore the oils that your skin needs and still keep your pores open and alive.

Keep it Protected

To ensure that your skin stays smooth for years to come, you need to do all you can to protect it from UV rays. You can buy moisturizer that has sunscreen built-in, or you can apply a separate product all your own. That doesn’t mean you have to walk around with Coppertone on your face every day. It just means that you need to be aware of how often the sun’s rays hit your skin. Avoid prolonged exposure to it, and you should be just fine.

Follow the tips above the next time you feel disappointed by your skin, and you’ll have a youthful glow to your face soon enough.