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Top 5 Scariest Beauty Products



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The list of latest must-have beauty products gets longer by the day, but with it grows the list of worrying ingredients and potentially hazardous chemicals used to protect them. Levels of bacteria and toxins that develop within the products after a certain amount of time mean that a make-up bag might contain more than just a favorite lipstick or waterproof mascara! Here’s the low-down on the biggest beauty hazards that might be lurking unseen.

Five Scariest Beauty Products

Mascara is one of the most popular beauty buys. However, ophthalmologists are warning that potentially high levels of bacteria either in the wand or tube could be dangerous for eye health. The problem lies with keeping tubes of mascara open for too long. When samples of mascara were tested, it was found they contained high levels of staphylococcus and streptococcus bacteria that cause serious eye infections. Mascara should be kept in a cool place, discarded after three months, and never applied more than two coats at a time.

A luscious pout is highly desirable, but some women may be running the risk of having a less than lovely smile by wearing lipstick that contains lead! Tests conducted on several different leading brands discovered that this compound was present in many of the formulae. At present, there are no safe, legal limits for lead in cosmetics, meaning that the only safe level in a product is none at all. Buyers should check labels carefully.

Mineral make-up claims to be chemical-free and offers good skin coverage that can help with issues such as acne. However, what many people aren’t aware of is that one of the main ingredients of such make-up is Mica, which if inhaled regularly may cause long-term lung damage. Builders who repair walls with products that smooth their surface wear face masks to protect them from breathing in Mica.

Poker-straight hair is a must for most, but every time hair-straightening products are used with heated styling tools, the risk of exposure to formaldehyde increases, despite some of them being labeled as formaldehyde-free. The chances are higher for hairdressers who are exposed to them frequently, while the opportunities to those only using the products once or twice a year are relatively low.

Anti-aging and skin-whitening face creams are something that many people invest in, believing they are doing the very best for their skin, but it has come to light that some of these products contain mercury! This is particularly worrying as several consumers have ended up with poisoning or skin complaints after prolonged use. Many of these creams are imported from the Far East, where ingredient labeling is often inadequate. If in doubt, do not purchase.

Always Remember

Check the ingredients list on any cosmetic products that are being bought. The records might seem long and confusing, but it’s better to be safe than sorry. Date and label products as soon as they’re opened so that it’s easier to know when to throw them away. A little wasted mascara or lipstick is better than a nasty eye or skin infection!