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The Latest Beauty Trends



The latest beauty trends

The world of beauty is constantly changing, and in a world moving as quickly as ours, it can be difficult to keep up with each and every trend. While some of us are shopping for the most expensive make up we can find, others are looking for the best dentist London has to offer, all in the name of beauty and keeping up with the trends of the time. Luckily for you, we’ve pulled together some of the most popular beauty trends from this year so far, and so without further ado, here is our list.

Tousled Hair

Tousled hair is hardly a rarity when it comes to beauty trends. Each year, there always appears to be a designer flaunting tousled hair with their designs, and it’s hardly difficult to see why. This purposely-messy look creates a cool, casual, rough-around-the-edges look that allows even those who have just rolled out of bed fit in with a beauty trend. Texturizing sprays and hair products are becoming more and more common on store shelves or even within your local hairdressing salon.

Statement Nails

Various nail-painting techniques have graced beauty trends over the past few years. From using tape to create crisp, straight lines, to a single statement finger, nail varnish has been more of a trend now than it has ever been before. This season is no different. Statement nails are making a comeback, so if you’ve been a fan of bright, bold and well-decorated nails, you’re in luck. Book in at the nail salon or break out the nail art pens and get painting.

90’s Nostalgia

Over the past year or two, 90’s fashion has been making a comeback. From chokers to crop tops, nothing is immune to a comeback and that includes beauty trends. From iridescent eyeshadows and highlighters, to berry coloured lips and statement braids, hair and make-up trends are relentlessly joining their fashion counterparts. But the comeback doesn’t end there. Where beauty trends are coming back, beauty manufacturers are taking advantage of this and creating 90’s nostalgia beauty products too – but for adults! While Hello Kitty, Pokemon and more all have make up available on the market for children, bands like Colour Pop are bringing this to the ‘grown up’ markets and it’s definitely catching on!

Matte everything!

Matte has become a trend that moves from feature to feature and back again over the past year. From matte eyeshadows through to matte nail polish, there is no shortage of matte products on the market. You can’t walk through a store without something matte jumping out at you with a striking ‘New!’ sign, so why not jump on the trend? Matte lipsticks are widely available, with liquid options making it easier and more convenient than ever to apply matte yourself rather than investing in a make-up artist or any fancy application methods. Pair the statement nail trend with matte nail varnish and top coats for that double-trend and make your nails a talking point!