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Protect Your Lips With Tinted Lip Balm



Lip balm is a popular option for protecting your lips from being chapped and dry and being exposed to harmful UV rays. However, with new technologies and recent innovations you now have even more options than the traditional lip balms that were available in the past.

Heavy makeup is not typically an option you choose when spending a day in the sun or outdoors, however, you should ensure you do not endanger your skin or lips by leaving them unprotected. A great, stylish option that is now available is to protect your lips with tinted lip balms.

Tinted lip balms are available in a variety of shades and SPF factors to ensure you can find the perfect fit. When using these products you should make sure you obey the general sunscreen rules, which include:

-Applying the tinted lip balm 30 to 45 minutes prior to going outdoors

-Reapplying every two to three hours, especially if you will be swimming or sweating

-Choosing an SPF that is right for you (remember the higher SPF, the higher protection factor you will have)

Tinted lip balms are not, however, just for a day at the beach or spent outdoors. The casual look that it provides is perfect for any event such as festivals, dinner parties, or any other place you have to go. One of the biggest, most appealing benefits of these products is their low price point. Even the high-end brands are able to be purchased for under $10. This makes them affordable for everyone.

Some of the other benefits you will receive when you use tinted lip balm include:

-The tinted lip balm will not dry out your lips as some traditional lipsticks do.

-It does not make your lips sticky or tacky as some other glosses and lipsticks do.

-It will not bleed into the small lines that surround your lips.

-You never have to check for “lipstick on your teeth” problems that come with other products.

-The application process is actually much more forgiving than traditional lipsticks and does not need a mirror for reapplication.

Tinted lip gloss is perfect on the go product to keep in your pocket or purse. You do not have to worry about the heat, because as the product softens it will apply to your lips in a more silky and smooth manner. This fact makes it even easier to ensure your lips look their best and are protected from harmful UV rays, no matter where you are or plan to go.

As the demand for tinted lip glosses increases, so do the number of products that are available. This means with a little determination you are sure to find the perfect shade for you. Additionally, they are easy to use and provide an appealing alternative to traditional lip products that can end up dry, sticky, and unsightly after being worn all day.

With tinted lip balms you can apply it every few hours, prevent dryness and chapped lips and protect your lips from being burned by harmful UV rays. They are definitely a staple item that should be in every makeup bag.

Besides the lip balm, another great alternative is using a quality nude lipstick which will provide almost the same benefits.