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Hair Loss Concealers – A Popular Option for Women



More and more women are starting to look at hair loss concealers. After all, skin concealers were first used by Queen Cleopatra, so why not use them on other parts of the body as well? Hair loss concealers are quite new, however. They are truly wonderful, however, because they are easy to use and work almost instantly. It takes only about a minute to go from thinning hair to beautiful and thick hair and it looks completely natural as well.

A Brief History

A few decades ago, Hollywood would make sure their leading male actors always looked as if they had a full head of hair. They did this by first giving the actor a haircut and then finely chopping the hairs they had cut off. They would then sprinkle this onto the head of the actor, making it look as if their hair was naturally thicker. Using lacquer, they would then make sure the hair fibers would stay in place. Of course, this was very much visible up close and personal, but in front of a camera, it looked really natural.

Today, this process has been fully commercialized. We no longer use leftovers from salon floors, however. Instead, keratin is harvested either from wool, rayon or cotton. This is then dyed into a color that matches the wearer’s natural (or dyed) hair and it is then cut into really fine particulars. These are then put in a shaker-style dispenser, allowing the user to literally shake the fibers onto their own head.

Which Are the Best Concealers?

As the popularity of these products increased, more and more manufacturers are starting to deliver them. There are some incredibly expensive brands and some truly cheap ones as well. Generally speaking, the more expensive ones are also better ones. This is because they use natural keratin, generally from wool. Not only do these look better, but they also don’t chance to cause irritation in the way synthetic fibers can. The last thing you want when your hair is thinning is for you to have an itchy scalp, meaning you will scratch the fibers away and potentially even some of your remaining hair.

You particularly have to look into the size of the fibers themselves. If they are too large, they won’t cling to your own hair, meaning they won’t actually work. Fine fibers stick to the static electricity of your natural hair, rather than resting on your scalp. Hence, the thinner the fibers, the better your product.

How Are Hair Loss Concealers for?

Anyone who is worried about the thinning of their hair can use these fibers. There is no gender differentiation either. Although initially designed for the male market, women are using these products more and more as well. We live in a society where women, in particular, are still judges tremendously on their looks, which means the market of hair concealers is now focusing more on women.