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Well-Groomed – The Rise And Rise Of The Male Skincare Market



The male grooming sector is booming. Far from diminishing since the start of the global economic crisis as so many other consumer sectors have, male grooming has not only maintained a consistent performance but has actually increased global revenue by an average of 6% per year since 2006. Although the market is still marginally dominated by shaving and deodorant giants, skincare has proved to be the most dynamic category, growing by over 10% per year over the past five years. What is the reason for this trend, what types of products most appeal and what can we expect going forwards?

Why men’s grooming habits are changing

This section could equally be titled ‘why men are starting to care about their appearance’ as, even at the beginning of the new millennium, male grooming was almost unheard of outside of an extremely niche market. Even if they wanted to do something about their unruly eyebrows, ever-increasing wrinkles, and under-eye shadows, the majority would never admit to it and any products they did have would be hidden away.

The rise of the metrosexual in the early naughties, largely thanks to sports stars such as David Beckham who proved that you could be a real man and be groomed, paved the way for the rise of the male grooming sector. The economic crisis merely strengthened it as the so-called ‘lipstick factor’, the theory that in times of crisis women spend more on little luxuries that will lift their spirits without breaking the bank, extended to men. With redundancies on the rise, men fought hard in every area to keep their jobs or compete for new ones. Looking good not only creates a positive first impression but instills inner and outer confidence.

The skincare products that most appeal to men

Efficacy and multi-functionality are key when it comes to male skincare products. The majority of men approach skincare as they would buying a power tool or fixing a car. They want solution-driven products that do what they say they are going to, offer visible results, and perform on a number of different levels. If one cream can moisturize, provide anti-aging benefits, smooth skin, and revitalize the complexion, so much the better – men don’t want to spend a great deal of time on a skincare regime, they just want to slap on a product that really works. For men it isn’t about pampering, it’s about results.

The future of men’s skincare

As with skincare products across the beauty sector as a whole, male skincare technology is developing at an incredibly fast rate. There are already products that actively slow the aging process rather than just temporarily cover up fine lines, wrinkles, and puffiness. Those who work by destroying free radicals to prevent cell oxidation, allowing the body to maintain normal function, staving off wrinkles, dry patches, and a dull complexion. The market will only continue to grow, driving further research into incredible breakthroughs.