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If You Want a Job That Will Keep You Fit These Are For You



If you want a job that will keep you fit these are for you

There are plenty of jobs out there which can help to keep you fit. If you like to stay fit and don’t want to have to do it after your regular nine to five desk job, then consider one of these alternatives instead.

  • Fireman – Firemen (and women) have to stay extremely fit as they are expected to battle through raging flames, carry heavy breathing apparatus, kick down heavy doors, move heavy objects and potentially carry victims up and downstairs and ladders to save their lives.
  • Personal Trainer – There is no better way to keep fit than to be training other people in how to get fit. This could range from being a one to one personal trainer, taking fitness classes, or even hosting boot camps.
  • Join the Army – If you love the outdoors and traveling, then this job is perfect for you. You are expected to carry heavy equipment and cover vast distances in short spaces of time which require a certain level of fitness. If you think you have the ultimate fitness and are up to the challenge, then the special forces will also provide a unique fitness challenge.
  • Do a Paper Round – If you aren’t old enough to go into full-time employment or want something you can do part-time, then consider a paper round or leaflet delivery. While delivering papers and leaflets can be a little bit monotonous, the job will make sure you do it as quickly as you can and keep you fit in the process.
  • Construction – You may not have thought it with all the bacon sandwiches they are known for eating put construction workers will often be some of the fittest around as they are expected to lift heavy objects and continuously move around.
  • Cleaning – The constant moving around, stretching for low and high places, and flexing your joints means cleaning will keep you fit and agile. Maybe you should now cancel that cleaner and try it for yourself!?
  • Landscape Gardner / Groundskeeper – There is more to looking after a garden than cutting the lawn. Groundskeepers are continually moving around, raking up leaves, cutting down trees, and planting seeds. For landscape gardeners, they will often be digging up and moving soil, laying stones, or planting new flower beds. All the things which keep you fit.

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Whatever it is that you want to do, all of the above jobs should help to keep you in reasonable shape and help you avoid that dreaded beer belly!

Delivering leaflets is a fantastic way to keep active on the job; many delivery people walk many miles per day, burning massive amounts of calories!