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Fitness Equipment Or Natural Structures – Or Are They Any Different?



Fitness equipment almost effaced the joy of working out in the open air, or has it? Dumbbells have replaced the rocks, sophisticated pull-up bars have come in place of tree branches, and jogging tracks have made way for treadmills and bikes. But has anything changed at all in the fitness routine of humans? Let us explore the ‘apparent’ drawbacks of exercising at home, and the many ways to get around them.

Can we work out each of our muscles?

This proves to be a drawback for outdoor exercises instead! The exercises that you do in a gym or with the help of your home fitness equipment aids you to concentrate on each and every muscle of your body. These exercises cannot be performed with what nature has to offer. For instance, your forearms cannot be more well developed anywhere else other than with the forearm machine in your room.

The open-air fetish

It is a wonderful feeling – waking up at the crack of dawn, breathing in the fresh morning air while you warm up, and take in the exotic sights around you as you work out. All this would have been healthy in ancient times when there were more trees than civilization and more fresh air than smog. Today, if you live in an urban area, it is not healthy to run around the streets for the sake of exercise. You breathe more furiously as you jog, taking in more of the outside air. And in urban areas, the air is more polluted than anywhere else, which might result in health-related issues.

If you are thinking of exercising in the countryside, can you afford to spend the time required to travel? You might waste more time in reaching the place than that you spend on exercising. Either way, visiting the countryside for the sake of exercising is not feasible for urban entrepreneurs.

The bodily balance

This requirement again falls in favor of technology. You know that the earth is round, it is covered with many layers of cement and other materials on the surface, and countryside grounds are crude and highly uneven. Also, the branches of trees are not quite horizontal, and the jogging track not quite even. As opposed to all this, equipment is defined by precision and can be made as even as technology allows.

For instance, you may jog on the pavement, run on the tracks, do pushups on the floor, or hang for long hours from a tree branch. However, since all these surfaces are uneven, you may end up working out either the symmetrical side of your body more than the other.

In the case of fitness equipment, you can work out each of your body parts as efficiently as any other. If you have done fifty bicep curls for your right hand, you can do the same number for the left hand and develop an equal amount of muscles. Whereas in the case of doing bicep curls with the aid of rocks, you can’t expect to hold it on the same side as you change hands, bringing in an anomaly in your workout.

Thus ideally, it is technologically possible to take the benefits of outdoor exercising in our stride. If you are one of the many that bank on a nearby tree for his daily dose of exercise, it is high time you stopped harming your body indirectly.