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Top 10 Alternative Remedies For Candidiasis



We all have yeast in our bodies and when it is at healthy levels it causes us no issues. However, if the balance of yeast becomes excessive it can lead to uncomfortable conditions such as thrush, IBS, and even depression. Although there are numerous treatments available from the pharmacist many people prefer to use natural remedies instead. These often help to treat the internal and external issues which will reduce the symptoms and cure the candidiasis more effectively.

One of the first things to remove from your diet if suffering from candidiasis is a carbohydrate and excessively sugary foods. These all contain yeast and will, therefore, increase your symptoms. Simply removing these from your diet for a few days will make the candidiasis go away and restore your body’s natural balance of yeast.

A change in diet is one of the main natural remedies you can use with this condition. In addition, it is recommended that healthy fats are increased. Healthy fats tend to occur in fish, extra virgin olive oil, and even coconut oil. Certain vegetables are high in carbohydrate so should be cut out and these include carrots, which are high in sugar. Instead focus on steamed vegetables, apples, and berries.

Many people recommend natural yogurt with active cultures and herbal teas to reduce the symptoms, cut out any sugary drinks or fizzy drinks until cured. Once you have eliminated food groups that are going to increase your symptoms you can introduce natural remedies instead. Some of the most effective cures for candidiasis include garlic oil, black walnut, cinnamon, lemongrass, oregano, grapefruit seed extract, and Caprylic acid.

Any oils in their purest form will be very strong so make sure you only use a few drops at a time. Oregano oil is particularly effective just mix with water and drink like a team. Garlic is renowned for many healing properties and ideally, it should be consumed raw, so we suggest chopping or crushing it and adding to a salad to make it more digestible! If you can’t face raw garlic then there are capsules available in most supermarkets and health food stores.

Another effective remedy is psyllium husks which can be purchased from most health food specialists, these also help to cleanse your colon. If your symptoms are particularly bad then consider a Vitamin B5 supplement that has been proven to help reduce itching, burning, and restore your immune system back to its normal balance. A more unusual remedy is edible clays like Bentonite which work as a sponge through your digestive system and help it to pass through your body. If you are using any anti-fungal remedy it’s important after a few days to try a different one to prevent your bodybuilding up immunity to its effect.

So if you think you have candidiasis here is a list of Top 10 natural remedies:

  1. Natural yogurt with active cultures
  2. Oregano
  3. Garlic
  4. Coconut Oil
  5. Caprylic Acid
  6. Psyllium Husks
  7. Vitamin B5
  8. Lemongrass
  9. Bentonite edible clay
  10. Cinnamon