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How Essential Oils Cured My Herpes Virus



How essential oils cured my herpes virus

How I used aromatherapy oils to assist in fighting herpes

It’s painful to know that you have the Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV). Just about everyone knows that there is no cure. It leads to skin problems in the most uncomfortable areas of the body. This is particularly true for the most stressful times in life. Some people regularly suffer without even having stress. While there is no solution to the virus, there are ways to reduce the number and severity of the symptoms of HSV. There are a variety of factors for women that can make this a somewhat uncomfortable subject to talk about. It’s incurable, it’s painful, and it happens in areas that many of us just don’t want to talk about.

I’ve had my own experience with this. I can still feel the stinging of the sores around my mouth and lips. It’s definitely not something I was proud to think while spending all day at work. I can remember those awkward conversations with my ones I was dating about this. Luckily, I never had any significant problems with people but it still always felt terrible when I had to do it. Then I would often feel like I was getting a case of the flu.

I’d spend a few of the following days with the lesions hiding away. That was the most challenging period for me. I’m an athlete too. Every time I seemed to strain myself a little bit, I would get worse and worse symptoms. In fact, I had to change the way that I worked out completely (changing my overall fitness as well) to help prevent the outbreaks from coming back.

It was always something that I had on the back of my mind. I was worried that I’d still have it there just waiting to come back. The doctors prescribed me Lysine and other things but I never really saw a change in the frequency or severity of my symptoms.

That was when I was lucky enough to learn about aromatherapy and essential oils. In fact, some of them have been studied as an antiviral. One essential oil called Melissa was the one that I had on my mind. It’s an oil that can be extracted from an herb of the same name. It’s a plant that’s had a place in alternative medicine for years. Each plant is known to produce a tiny bit of oil. That makes it a rather expensive compared to some other types, but it’s worth it.

In Europe, there have been many studies testing the oils effect on lesions from herpes. What happened is what got me interested. One company has actually extracted part of the oil and made a prescription out of it but why just take the extract of the extract when you can get the whole thing.

A professor named Dr. Dietrich Wabner at the University of Munich has said that using Melissa a single time can cause the herpes virus to go directly into remission. It might even be the cure. When I heard this, I knew that I had to give it a try for myself with a small bottle.

It took a little bit more time, but soon I found out exactly how I should be using it. Melissa didn’t always lead to remission of the herpes virus with a single use, but many healers were using it before an outbreak coming. During an outbreak of HSV, the oil would be applied to the lesions 3 times daily. That was repeated when an outbreak seemed like it would be happening.

During that time my wounds usually started on the top of my mouth. They would then move to my tongue. I would end up completely exhausted for a couple days. At that point, my tongue had single points of pain (my doctor even confirmed it was HSV.) Every once in a while I would have a lesion around my lips. I gave the Melissa essential oil a shot for myself. I used a drop 3 times daily. It actually tasted delicious.

I wasn’t lucky enough to see my herpes go into remission on my first usage but I definitely didn’t slow down on my enthusiasm. I read a lot about Melissa, and it definitely had something backing it up. I kept going to see if I was right or wrong. I still ended up having outbreaks, but it was actually not as bad. My outbursts seemed to pass in less time, and they weren’t as severe. It took a while for me to actually notice this but the outbreaks eventually didn’t come back.

You can take my word for it, my life is no more stress-free than it was before I started taking it. In fact, it’s probably more stressful. Some people will only see their outbreaks slow down over the years. My symptoms had been going strong for almost two decades. I’ve recently started to work out like I used to. I definitely have more stress on my body than ever before, but my HSV isn’t making an appearance.

It’s understood that Melissa essential oil can even be diluted for the more sensitive regions of the body. It can be combined with nut or vegetable oil like Rosehip seed and Hazelnut oil. It’s often said that you can dilute it to a tenth of its dosage and still have it work. Many people even suggest that a hundredth of its dose can be useful. You do have to take caution before you take essential oils through the mouth, or applied directly to the body without dilution. Keep a close eye on how your body reacts to it and make sure you take care of any problems that come up.

I’ve never applied essential oils to the genital region, but there is a minimal distinction between the oral and the genital area. However you choose to use it, you want it to be consistent with around 2-3 times daily while you have an outbreak. Keep applying until they’re healed. Using this strategy can help you with your next few outbreaks. While no one can promise you everything will get better, it may be just what you or a loved one needs to cure their problem, and that’s well worth a try.

People that have the form of the herpes virus called shingles might want to consider Ravensara. It sometimes goes by Ravensara aromatica or True Ravensara. It’s an essential oil that’s been shown to relieve symptoms when combined half and half with Tamanu Nut. The second part is to help the skin during the healing process. The Ravensara is what is supposed to help with the sores. I’ve never heard of anyone curing their condition, but I’ve heard some great stories about partial relief.

When you’re considering an aromatherapy oil for the treatment of your HSV, you’re going to want to work with a company that you can trust. You’re going to want to look for right varieties of the product. You can expect to pay $10 to $20 for a milliliter. That actually does more than you might think. With Ravensara, you should keep your eyes open for the aromatica variety. When you’re applying them, you shouldn’t apply them liberally.

A little bit goes a long way. Diluting them can also be used without hurting the effect. I personally used the Melissa oil without dilution but it can cause problems for some people. Some people are sensitive to it (it may be related to UV exposure.) Keep an eye on your own health, and you’ll be able to heal your own body effectively.