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Why Natural Remedies are Surprisingly More Effective



Why natural remedies are surprisingly more effective

The development that modern medicine has taken in recent history has been leaps and bounds, if we look back at their organic predecessors. The effort to extend the threshold of medicine and develop newer and better drugs has been extraordinary. However, when we look at where we are and where we used to be, one might say that natural remedies are a thing of the past. As a matter of fact, natural remedies have never been more efficient than today.

And there is an abundance of people who adhere to this knowledge, and here, we lay down the points why natural medicine still works wonder for our bodies.

Because they are perceived to be safer

Not to say that everything that we perceive to be safer actually is, but our fixation on all things natural can also be sound, and organic remedies are one of those things we got right. That’s why markets like the one found in tend to gravitate and prioritize pure organic components over their synthetic counterparts. Whenever our bodies react negatively to natural remedies, we can attribute the illness to human inaccuracy – whether we were prescribed the wrong species or the wrong dosage, or our own faulty self-diagnosis or self-application based on reinforced localized traditions. Meanwhile, harm inflicted by synthetic drugs is much more difficult to pinpoint the cause, much more to deal with.

Because of the chemistry behind the synthetic ones

We won’t call on scientists to relate to this point – natural remedies are more effective because they are natural, pure, and have been tampered in the least possible way. We can’t say the same for synthetic drugs. Since most drugs nowadays tend to replicate what natural medicinal options can do, they single out the active ingredient that heals the particular infection ailing us.

This is why we have a plethora of drugs and toiletries available in our pharmacies, when in fact organic cures and natural skin care options are more effective against a wider range of infections.  This can be viewed more a move by pharmaceutical companies to profit more out of synthetic drugs over natural remedies, ultimately compromising on efficacy. This swiftly moves to the last reason.

Because natural remedies are more affordable

Empirically, the price of the cure doesn’t tell us whether it is more effective over other alternate options.  However, we have to weigh in what we’re really paying for when we purchase synthetic drugs, and that is the patent to the certain element that heals us.

Meanwhile, patronizing herbal remedies at a much lower cost, in the long-standing belief that they cure as just the same, can be considered the better option. We have the liberty to explore a wider array of natural remedies because the choices are generally easier to acquire. What we have to avoid in this scenario, however, is the mis-identification and mis-administration of certain organic medicines and products, because, while generally more available, can be prone to impulsive treatments.

The history sides with us: the fact that medicine derived from natural sources has been around for over two millenniums now tells us that they do work, and they work in amazing ways. While modern medicine continues to thrive by isolating certain diseases and isolating certain agents to cure them quicker, we can at least rejoice that the nature still provides, no matter the shape or form.