5 Natural Remedy To Effectively Cure Acne Problems

Almost everyone has worried about acne. However, anyone who has ever had the acne problems might know that there is a natural remedy for this. There no need to always see a doctor or a dermatologist to heal your acne problem. Although it’ll work but it may hurt or create irritation if doesn’t go well with your skin. That’s why it’d be better to have natural remedies to cure acnes as there are many natural remedies available.

Everyone just wants to get rid of acne because it mars beauty and even hurts sometimes. So no one would want to deal with it. But no worries as there are certain natural remedies available that ensure to heal acnes without claiming much of your time as well money with peace of mind. Let’s go through some of the best natural acne remedies.


It’s always not a good idea to slathering thick, clammy goo over your face as it’d rather clog up your pores and create more problems gradually. Whereas honey has natural antibacterial ingredients which will effectively help to disinfect the skin and cure blemishes. It’ll additionally make your skin more mosturised and soft by balancing oil production which may grow because of irritated and dry skin. Apply it regularly and gently massage as this will bloom your skin amazingly.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is another best remedy which has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. It effectively helps to alleviate acne flare-ups and glows the skin. Since it has excellent healing properties, it not only cure acnes but also mitigate scarring and other such complications of your skin. Just like honey, you can apply it directly to your skin and more interestingly you needn’t wash it off.


It’s one of the most effective remedies when it comes to dealing with acnes. Turmeric is absolutely multi-functional remedy as along with skin problems, it also cures cough problems. It also has an anti-bacterial element that cures from the root cause of acne. You simply need to mix a little water into it and then apply on your face. Moreover you can even mix it up with honey and coconut oil for better effects.

Lemon slices

It’s another great idea to gently massage your face with fresh lime slices. This will beautifully lighten the dark spots and similarly tightens the pores to get rid of new formation of acne. However it’s advisable to avoid using lemon slices if you skin is very sensitive otherwise it’ll create worse results and badly irritate your skin. This may even cause flare-ups , that’s why know your skin and only then apply the materials that suit it. To start up with maybe you can use small pieces of lemon just to testing and measure up the effectiveness.

Balanced Hormones

Hormones play a dominant role even at the root of causing acne problems. If you’ve got acne problems, you can in fact cure it by treating your hormones. You can start doing it with a balanced diet which includes veggies and fruits, grains, proteins and healthy fats. It’s better to avoid processed foods, sugar, caffeine etc. Along with this, drinking as much water as possible is an added advantage. Thus, by doing this you can actually improve your hormones as well as health.

Then there are other tropical remedies such as tea oil, Peppermint oil, Bee Propolis etc. as they are anti fungal and antiseptic which is best to fight with acne problems. Then other natural remedies are quite popular such as burdock, Vitamin E, strawberry leaves etc. to cure acne problems.

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Suzan is a well-known beauty therapist. According to her acne bestrijden is a great way to keep the skin naturally smooth and glowing without any irritation and adverse effect.


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