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Juicing As Part Of An Overall Colon Cleanse



Juicing, or extracting the juices from whole fruits and vegetables and drinking it, is getting more and more popular every single year.  Juicing offers many health benefits to people of all shapes and sizes and ages, and is a key part in many cleansing programs, including colon cleanses.

The Purpose

For anyone who doesn’t know, a colon cleanse is designed to clear toxins and other debris out of the colon, so you can realize a host of different health benefits.  Cleansing the colon has been associated with increased energy, better sleep, weight loss, improved immunity, clearer skin, clearer thinking, and less abdominal bloating.  Drinking fresh juices helps accomplish this by delivering highly concentrated nutrients to your body and helping to remove many of the toxins that tend to get in the way.

Unpleasant Effects

When doing a juice fast or cleanse of any kind, you can expect detoxifying effects that are rather unpleasant at the beginning, but gradually lessen as the cleanse continues.  Different people react differently to cleansing as a whole, so it’s wise to listen to your body while it’s going on so you know how active you should be.  If you have a higher toxic load, you may notice more of these detoxifying effects as the cleanse wears on.  You might get headaches, you might feel nauseous, you might have various body aches and fatigue.  You might notice that your bowel movements smell particularly foul.

These are all common effects, and nothing to worry about.  Obviously, if they continue for any length of time or affect your ability to carry on a normal life, then you may need some extra attention.  Many people schedule holidays from work when they plan a colon cleanse, just in case these side effects happen.

Stick with the Program

Most juice cleanses will come with a complete list of the juices you should drink and when you should drink them.  If you’re juicing as part of a colon cleanse, they will be spaced out and scheduled that way for a reason, so make sure you don’t veer from the path too much.  Green juices are always on everyone’s list of cleansing juices, as are certain fruits and other vegetables.  It’s also a good idea to drink a good amount of clean water on a daily basis.

Along with the juices, you can remove toxins from your body by other means, including infrared saunas, massage, exercise, and sensible sun exposure.  Most of these methods penetrate deep into the skin to remove toxins and other waste that shouldn’t be in there.

Use them as part of an overall cleansing routine to keep your body and mind as clear as possible.  And remember that juicing can be made a regular part of a healthy lifestyle after the cleanse is over and things get back to normal.  By juicing a couple of times a day, your body will be in a constant state of cleansing and those toxins will never have the chance to build up again.