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Top 7 Foods That Keeps Your Teeth Healthy



Every dentist has said to you that brushing, flossing, and rinsing your teeth is the proper routine to maintain optimal oral health. They also mention that sugar is the number one killer in managing your teeth’s health. These days, you can find tons of weight loss books, programs, DVDs, and other products that are circling society today to help maintain your overall well-being and physique.

What do these two completely different aspects of society have to do with each other? Find out with these excellent and nutritious foods that will not only give you a boost in the body health department but will also help your teeth stay healthy and active.

Vitamin D and Calcium

One of the essential vitamins and minerals that the bones, including your teeth, need is vitamin D and calcium. You can obtain these through dairy products, such as milk and yogurt, and receive a daily dose of vitamin D and calcium. With these two crucial nutrients, your teeth will stay strong for years to come.


An excellent dairy product to include in your diet would be cheese. With cheese being a dairy product and containing vitamin D and calcium, it’s also a powerful guard against decays on your teeth. Mixing with plaque, the cheese will protect your teeth from acids that will eat away at your teeth.

Fresh Fruit and Vegetables

It’s well known that fruits and vegetables are key food groups to ensure your physical health. With fresh fruit and raw vegetables, you’ll have your natural palate cleanser. Crisp fruits and vegetables, such as apples and carrots, will help scrape away plaque and give your breath a nice, refreshing feel.

Carb-Based Foods 

One of the top favorite junk foods of all time must be potato chips. They’re convenient, tasty, and you can eat a ton of them without stopping. What more can you ask for? Well, you’re also asking for damaged teeth and gums. Carb-based foods, such as chips and bread, contain a chewy, sticky substance once it mixes with saliva and sticks between your teeth.

When you eat carb-based foods alone, saliva production does not increase enough to wash away the food particles stuck in your teeth. If you want to eat a roll, be sure to include it as a whole, balanced meal with vegetables and a source of protein to ensure your saliva will break down the food particles.


Keep your mouth healthy and clean by chewing on sugarless gum between your meals. Chewing on a piece of gum will help generate saliva, which helps break down any food stuck between your teeth. As you chew the gum, it becomes sticky, and that also helps collect any leftover food particles in your mouth.


Cranberries, especially in juice form, is a fabulous way to prevent any plaque from forming in between your teeth, which causes bad breath. For brighter and whiter teeth, cranberry juice can also prevent the yellowing of your teeth. Avoid sugar-loaded cranberry juice, such as cranberry cocktail, which does the opposite of keeping your teeth healthy!

Overall, the food you eat for your body’s health will also affect your oral health. As long as you start or continue to eat healthy, you’ll be giving your teeth extra care along with brushing, flossing, and rinsing.