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How to Become Your Own Health Manager



How to become your own health manager

You should be in charge of your own health. This is true whether you’re healthy, sick, or something in-between. However, the modern health care system makes it very difficult.

It’s tempting to adopt a passive approach to your health. After all, you know that your doctors want the best for you. Yet, should understand that health care professionals are often stressed and overworked. You’re just one of many patients.

So what does this mean? You have to work to make sure that you look out for yourself.

Here are a few tips.

Document Everything

Keep track of everything that happens to you. When you go to the doctor’s office, when you’re at the hospital, when you’re prescribed medicine. Document it all.

Medical centers keep track of your records. You should have copies of those records as well. It’ll help you understand your health and present your information to new doctors.

You no longer have to keep bulky files around. Even if your medical center won’t send you a digital copy of your records, you can scan them in and store them electronically.

Challenge Malpractice

Sometimes, hospitals and pharmacies behave negligently. These mistakes can have a huge effect on your life. They can even be fatal. When this happens to you or a loved one, it’s worth your time to pursue damages.

According to Fort Smith, AR, law firm McCutchen & Sexton: “In addition to possibly causing serious harm, pharmaceutical errors can be costly for the patient, who should not have to be financially responsible for someone else’s negligence. When a pharmaceutical error happens, it can drastically increase your medical bills, cause extra time in the hospital that keeps you away from your family and your job, and take a severe emotional toll on you and your family.”

Your case will be stronger if you hire an attorney rather than try to support your rights yourself. Pharmacies and hospitals are used to bullying patients. There’s a good chance that you’re not aware of how much compensation you truly deserve.


If you have to see multiple doctors at once, you should make sure that your treatment plan is being properly coordinated. Everything that each doctor does affects what the others can do.

Speak with your doctors. It’s important that you’re very clear on their plans for your health. It could be disastrous if you’re prescribed different treatments that don’t mesh well.


Managing your health care expenses can be very stressful in the U.S. This is especially true if you don’t have health insurance. If you can afford it, it’s much smarter to pay for decent insurance than to go without.

Your life will be easier if you stay on top of your insurance payments. You should also know the in’s and out’s of your policy. Will your treatment be covered? Hopefully, you can answer that.

If you’re dealing with a chronic condition or one that has become very severe, your insurance might not be enough to cover all of your expenses. This is where budgeting comes.

Unfortunately, you might have to sacrifice your early morning latte from Starbucks or your daily work lunches. Paying for medication and surgery is more important.

Be Compliant

Once you agree to a solid treatment plan, it’s time to buckle down and do what your doctor says. Neglecting to comply with their orders is very dangerous. In fact, you’re almost better off staying home than going to your doctor and not following the advice.

If it’s too difficult to remember to take your pills, buy a labeled pill holder and put an alarm on your phone. You’ll be able to see visually if you’ve taken your day’s pills or nit.

Work With Your Family

At some point, it may become too difficult to care for yourself on your own. This can happen naturally as you age. When you feel it occurring to you, it’s time to speak with your family. They don’t want to see you suffer.

Asking for help isn’t easy. But it’s better than the alternative.

Your entire life hinges on your health. You have no choice but to take it seriously. There are many options available for you if you’re struggling. Medicaid takes care of people who can’t afford to pay for insurance on their own. Pharmaceutical companies often offer discounts to people who need help covering their prescriptions.

Try to stay cheerful. Your physical health will be stronger if you’re mentally tough as well.

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