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Top Ways To Get Whiter Teeth



If there’s one thing most of us could do to improve our looks, it would have to be getting whiter teeth. A set of white teeth will immediately stand out to those around us when we smile, making us look healthier, more confident, and more attractive as a result. However, despite the impact that a white smile can have, many people will find that their teeth look dull or even stained over time and do little about it.

Well, there are options. Here we will look at some of the top things you can do to get whiter and healthier looking teeth.

Choose What Goes In

One obvious thing to do is to be more discerning about what you eat and to judge it based on what it will do to your teeth. In other words, then – eat fewer things that stain or ruin teeth such as caffeine or chocolate, and likewise try to cut out the smoking (a massive culprit for yellow teeth). Meanwhile, what will help conversely is fiber (because it’s rough against the teeth and cleans them as you eat) and drinking lots of water.

Whitening Toothpastes

While whitening toothpaste won’t transform your smile overnight, they nevertheless can help to whiten your teeth slightly over time – make sure these toothpastes are also suitable for fighting plaque and killing bacteria.


Bleaching can make your teeth look a lot whiter overnight, and is a great way to shape up if you have a hot date the next day (don’t do a Ross). That said, though, it’s not something you should do too often as it can wear away your enamel, making your teeth more susceptible to damage so that ultimately they end up getting more stained more easily. Meanwhile, note that you are much better off using a dentist to do your bleaching rather than using one of those home kits, which often aren’t very useful.


Now we are starting to move towards more permanent solutions to dull-looking teeth. With surfaces, you are permanently attaching a new set of facades to the front of your teeth – in other words covering up the fronts of your teeth so that you have new false teeth facing outwards.

This is accomplished simply by cementing the ceramic fronts to your teeth, meaning that it’s completely non-invasive and can be achieved very quickly. Likewise, you can get to choose the precise shade you want your teeth to be and correct the appearance of any wonky-ness at the same time. And even better is the fact that the veneers will protect the teeth underneath by covering them up – this process is perfect for your real teeth in the long run as well then.


Crowns are an alternative to veneers, but only these slip over the top of the entire tooth like an egg cozy rather than just attaching to the front. This then protects your teeth from all angles and means they stay looking much whiter.


Finally, to capitalize on all the excellent work you’ve done in other areas, it makes sense to maximize the appearance of your teeth by creating contrast. In other words, if you can make your skin look darker, then you will make your teeth look whiter in comparison – so using a little self-tanning moisturizer or wearing a bold lipstick color as a woman can go a long way.