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5 Easy Tips To Cut Smoking Cravings



Quitting or even just cutting down on smoking can be a very hard and sometimes stressful thing to do. However, reducing your cigarette intake is a really positive step to a healthier lifestyle, so it’s best to take the necessary steps to quit rather than putting it off. To help you take the necessary steps to quit, here are 5 simple tips that should help you make that transition smoother:

1) First up, one of the best ways to avoid smoking is to exercise more (as hard as it can be sometimes!). Physical activities such as running, cycling, swimming, and resistance gym work will help alleviate that craving. Exercise not only diverts attention from smoking but it is known to produce positive hormones that promote healthy wellbeing and alleviate cravings.

2) Keep yourself busy. When you’re craving for a cigarette, perhaps fight it by calling friends for a talk, have a film marathon, go on a shopping spree, or even occupy yourself by cooking up a storm in the kitchen and inviting some people over for dinner.

3) Another good tip is chewing gum and eating healthy foods. The actual sensation of tasting food or the activity of the muscles when chewing gum has the same stimulation you feel while smoking a cigarette.

4) Set up a reward plan and stick to it. If you go two days without smoking, why not reward yourself with a meal out or another small treat. If you have gone 1 week take yourself out for an even better meal or buy yourself an even more special treat. One whole month and another even bigger treat. Obviously this is something that could get out of hand, so set yourself up with an affordable reward plan and make sure you stick to it. One puff on a cigarette and you’re back to square one and have to start again.

5) Keeping your hands busy is also one of the best tips for cutting smoking cravings. Instead of pulling out a cigarette, you can try an electronic cigarette that emits only warmed water vapor. The Vape Store and vapor scene are two of a handful of companies that stock these and they can even lead to large money savings as well.

These are just a select few tips to cut smoking cravings. Keep in mind that reducing your nicotine intake can lead to successful “weaning” from the addiction. There are many things out there from nicotine replacements to e-cigarettes, but, most of all it won’t happen without a good amount of willpower too.