Go on a Fit and Healthy R&R

So this is it. After all that overtime hours at work and pleading with your boss to let you get some vacation time, she finally relented. You’re about to book a flight to your dream R&R destination and you’re ready to veg out and relax all day in the sun (or away from the sun, if you’re not a beach person).

That’s actually a swell plan but since you’ve been busy with work all this time, you’ve pretty much forgotten to keep fit and your exercise clothes don’t even fit anymore! Plus, you’re probably feeling all tired and fatigued these days. So, don’t take a vacation from fitness when you’re on vacation! Try hitting two birds with one stone and back on the right path by combining your vacation with a fitness routine? Book a fitness retreat instead!

Now you may have certain notions about how your vacation should go since, yes, it’s a vacation. The truth is, there are so many options for fitness retreats that you don’t have to worry about being bored or spending too much time being forced to jog at 3am. What’s important is that you need to research and decide what you really want. To help you choose, here are some of the more popular vacation fitness programs available that might help you achieve your goal of relaxing while learning all about how to keep yourself healthy.

1) The mountain spa retreat – this is one of the types you probably hear about a lot. These sorts of retreats are great for those who want a breath of fresh air with their massages. Some programs also include trekking and hiking, along with spa treatments and healthy meals.

2) The beach spa – for those who find the sound of waves relaxing, going on a beach wellness retreat is ideal. Here, you can do your yoga seaside (or oceanside), and go for laps in the ocean. Like any spa though, there are massage treatments, specialized menus, and exercise groups.

3) Boot camps – these are for the more gung-ho vacationers who are interested in spending their days off with military-style training formulated to help them lose weight or create some muscle. These are more structured or high-impact than spa-based wellness retreats, and a typically best for those looking to train for a sport or lose weight in a hurry.

4) Exotic fitness retreats – if you want your wellness with a side of culture, there are various international spa or fitness styles you might want to look into like the snow saunas of Finland, the ritualistic spas like the ones in Mexico and Easter Island (which give you a taste of Mayan and Rapa Nui culture, respectively), or the sand baths of Japan.

5) Your own program – of course if you’re not too keen on a rigid wellness schedule on your vacation, you can always just go on a vacation but make sure get in some exercise. Take advantage of the hotel gym; get in some lunges, squats, or push-ups in your room; or go on a local dance or martial arts class! And make sure to just watch what you’re eating.

Many of these setups are built to help you lose a few pounds, recuperate from illnesses, and raise your levels of physical fitness. You just need to figure out your goal and then find a program that’s best suited to your needs. What’s important is to remember what you learn during these trips and take them with you at home.

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