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The Powerful Health Benefits of Spa Treatments



If you thought that a regular visit to the spa was simply about buffing and polishing in a footballer’s wives fashion then you’ve obviously been too long without setting foot in one.  Granted, spas are the ideal place to go if your beauty routine is in need of a (non-surgical) facelift, but there is much more to spa treatments these days than just making temporary aesthetic improvements.  In fact, take a good look at the menu of most spas and you will see treatment options that can have a seriously positive impact on your daily health.

De-stressing.  Stress is a major problem in the modern world and many of us suffer from it on a daily basis, sometimes without even realizing it.  Stress can manifest itself in any number of ways, from constant teeth grinding, to back pain from a tensely held spine, to conditions such as insomnia and depression.  There are numerous spa treatments that can help kick stress to the curb, from something seemingly innocuous, such as an aromatherapy facial, to the kind of deep tissue or hot stone massages that literally force the knots out of your body.

Stimulating.  We are all overloaded these days and our bodies and brains often struggle to cope with the amount of information, advertising, food, drink, and experiences that we throw at them – the result can sometimes be a feeling of numbness to it all and a lack of energy.  A spa break can help to reawaken tired and overused senses, from an invigorating foot massage during a pedicure, to an all-over body scrub containing awakening ingredients such as peppermint, ginger, bergamot, lemon, or basil.

Weight loss.  Ok, so if you want to really shed those pounds then you need to be thinking about a long term plan of diet and exercise, but in the short term – or just to get a kick start to a new regime – there are some fantastic spa treatments that can really get your metabolism moving in a powerful way.  Body wraps are the best way to see instant weight loss and toning treatments, including massage and brushing, can also make a huge difference.

Detoxing.  The effects of applying certain ingredients to the body during a spa treatment can be quite intense and for those looking to flush out toxins after a particularly heavy weekend, or anyone who’s trying to get themselves prepped and ready for the skin-baring summer months, the effects of regular detox treatments on general health can be quite astounding.  Opt for a thermal wrap – where the ingredients heat up, or a warming blanket is placed around you – to really enhance the effects.

Anti-aging.  It’s the holy grail of the spa treatment – a session from which you really do leave looking (and feeling) ten years younger.  Many spa treatments promise this kind of afterglow and some do deliver.  Whether you want to opt for something technologically advanced like laser skin resurfacing, or a more traditional option, such as antioxidant-packed facials and wraps, spa treatments can make an enormous difference to the age appearance of your skin in the long term.

These are some great reasons why regular spa visits can make a big difference in your overall health.  If you’re not convinced, then why not give a couple of sessions a go and see how much healthier, less stressed and energized you feel afterward.  Because you’re worth it!