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The 5 Best Health Benefits of Honey



Sure, honey is sweet, but did you know that it’s also perfect for you? Sure there are some great honey recipes out there, but honey has been used as a remedy for many an illness for centuries and good reason. This sticky, sweet natural treat can do wonders for the body. It’s also healthier and more delicious than table sugar, meaning you can use less and improve your health at the same time. Read on for the five ultimate health benefits of honey.

1. For Sore Throats

When cold season strikes, don’t waste your time and money searching for expensive over-the-counter medications like cough syrup and lozenges. While they may offer a bit of relief, they’re filled with chemicals and preservatives and cost you more than they should.

When you get that familiar scratchy feeling in your throat, opt instead for a teaspoon or two of your favorite honey. It tastes fantastic and will gently soothe redness and irritation of esophageal tissue caused by sore throats and colds.

To reap the full immunity-boosting benefits of honey, try getting some from your local farmer’s market. This honey will come from bees in your area and will help your immune system fight off cold and flu bugs.

2. For Hangovers

Yes, you read that correctly. Honey can help you recover from a few drinks too many. How? Honey helps to coat your stomach, which will help prevent nausea. The fructose content in honey will also encourage the liver to oxidize alcohol, getting it out of your system faster.

Put it in some stomach-soothing ginger tea or spread it onto some toast to start feeling better and ready to take on the day.

 3. For Sleep

If you spend most nights tossing and turning, try honey. In addition to being soothing, honey can help usher you to sleep on those nights where you find yourself watching the minutes tick by on your clock.

When sleeplessness strikes, head over to the kitchen and microwave yourself a small mug of milk. When it’s just warm, mix in a spoonful of honey. Sip it slowly and allow yourself to feel warm, calm, and sleepy. Climb into bed and wake up rested the next day.

4. For Energy

At its core, honey is sugar. It’s even sweeter than your normal table sugar. And while it’s never a good idea to eat sugar in vast quantities, it can help with energy.

Honey’s fructose content can give you quite a little energy boost if you’re feeling sleepy in the middle of the day. You don’t need to worry about insulin levels skyrocketing the way they do with white sugar. Consuming honey is much better than consuming regular table sugar for regulating blood sugar levels.

Sip some ginger tea with a bit of honey for a boost before a run on a long day.

5. For bumps and scrapes

We’re all a little clumsy sometimes. Thankfully, honey is naturally antibacterial and can help keep bacteria out of those small scratches or scrapes we sometimes get from car doors or gardening. It can even kill bacteria that enter the wound.

The next time you get a scrape, put a small dab of honey on the area to protect it. Let the honey sit for at least half an hour and wipe off gently. Redness and swelling will be reduced.

These are just a few of the many health benefits associated with honey and honey products – delicious natural product that has been used for better health for thousands of years. What ways has honey improved your life?