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Hitching a Farmer: Being at the Right Place and at the Right Time



There is something about a farmer that a lot of ladies find particularly attractive. It might be the rugged outdoor look crafted from working the fields or maybe it is the lifestyle that they lead and can offer to a potential partner. Certainly, the idea of finding love and security amongst the rolling hills and natural landscape has an understandable appeal, especially to someone more used to the suburbs.

If you are looking to swap wine bars for wellies then here are some ideas on how to find an available farmer.

Get out in the country

It might seem blindingly obvious to say, but you need to get out and about and into the countryside if you want to stand any chance of bumping into an eligible farmer. You need to go where the farmers go and many of them are way too busy to wander into the towns and cities and prefer their own countryside surroundings anyway.

Farmers markets

A good way of trying to get to meet a farmer is to be a regular at the local farmers market in your nearest rural area. Many farmers have to produce to sell or business to conduct at these markets but they also like to do a bit of socializing at the same time so you have the perfect opportunity to introduce yourself in a relaxed atmosphere and get to know someone on their own environment.

County fairs

These are always big annual events in each area and you should try to get a calendar of events so that you can attend and get the chance to socialize and become well known to some of the farmers in that community.

Show an interest

Farmers are justifiably proud of the work that they do and the contribution that they make to the local community and on a wider scale. If you really don’t understand that much about organic farming or rare breeds of pigs, then you have the perfect opportunity to chat to an eligible farmer and ask him to explain what his specialist area involves. Many single farmers will be pleased that you asked and showed an interest and it is a great way of striking up a conversation.

Move out of town

If you get the opportunity to move out of your urban environment and live in a more rural setting then not only will you probably enjoy the contrasting experience but you will also stand a much greater chance of getting known and getting introduced to someone who could turn out to be your perfect partner. Many areas are close-knit communities but they are also generally very welcoming, so many will try hard to help you integrate and get you involved in local social events.


If you are not sure about taking such a big step and want to see if you will enjoy country living beforehand, then why not try volunteering. There are always busy periods such as the harvest where many extra hands are needed and you may be able to get an opportunity to work for a few weeks on a farm and get to know a bit more about the local farmers, and who might be available for dating.

As with many successful relationship stories, it is often a case of being in the right place at the right time, and if you are pro-active, you may even end up hitched to a farmer and become part of the rural scene on a permanent basis.