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The Health Benefits Associated with Monin Syrup



The health benefits associated with monin syrup

In a world where most consumers are discerning and insist on value for money, it has become important for businesses to provide new experiences. Today, it is relatively easy to get whatever you want to eat, even in situations where diverse culinary experiences and unique tastes are few and far between. Monin syrup is a sweetener used to add flavor to different beverages. The syrup is added to coffee in coffee shops as well as to cocktails in high-end bars.

Health benefits of monin syrup

In addition to the wide range of drinks to which the product can add flavor, the syrup is associated with a number of health benefits.

A small portion goes a long way

As opposed to sugar, this sweetener actually dissolves when used in cold drinks. If you were to use sugar as your sweetener, you may have to use a significant amount to achieve a great taste. Continued use of high amounts of sugar may result in health complications. With monin syrup, however, you will not need much of the syrup when seeking to add flavor to your drink. With just a small amount, you will achieve the desired taste.

A healthier alternative to synthetic sweeteners

Standard granular sugar and synthetic sweeteners are other common substances that can be used to enhance drinks. However, medical research has associated synthetic sweeteners with a variety of health conditions such as cancer, liver damage and a host of other concerns. In a similar way, standard sugar that has been bleached or altered can result in similar health conditions. The natural syrup is a healthy alternative to these sweeteners, eliminating the worry of health issues.

Nutritional benefits

Those who use the syrup in their drinks enjoy the various nutritional benefits of the syrup. In one serving that measures about 30 ml, one can expect to benefit from dietary fiber, sodium and carbohydrates. The 30 ml serving will offer about 100 calories, with the calorie breakdown being 0% protein, 100% carbs and 0% fat. When talking about healthy living, it is always important to find out the amount of saturated and unsaturated fats in meals. With this syrup product, one serving contains 0g of saturated fats translating to zero cholesterol levels.

For those living with diabetes, the 25g of carbohydrates will break down to 25g of sugar and 0g of fiber. As such, the 30ml serving size of the syrup has a net total of 14.4 carbs, a factor that helps those with diabetes to manage the condition.

Helps you to enjoy the health benefits of coffee

One of the drinks to which the sweetener is commonly added is coffee. As much as the syrup will enhance your coffee and enable you to enjoy the beverage, it also helps your body to benefit from the health benefits that coffee has. Some of the health benefits of the beverage include promoting a healthy heart, preventing type 2 diabetes, protecting against liver disease and liver cancer. When you use the product to enjoy your coffee, you will be able to burn more body fat and improve your physical performance.

Natural ingredients

Monin syrup uses spices, water, fruit juices and pure can sugar. The mix that makes up the syrup contains no fats or cholesterol. At the same time, the syrup does not include artificial flavors and colors that are made in the lab. Such additives can be difficult to metabolize and have been closely linked to lifestyle diseases such as obesity. In a world where people are struggling to achieve healthy lifestyle, this alternative sweetener is a welcome innovation. You can enjoy both your cold and hot beverages while ensuring that you keep away from potentially dangerous ingredients.

Enables you to enjoy the health benefits of smoothies  

Just like coffee, smoothies have real health benefits to the human body. Smoothies enable you to get the right amount of fruits and vegetables, are a great way of achieving weight loss, improve digestion, help in building muscles and boost brain performance.

Although standard sugar and synthetic sweeteners are still being widely used, monin syrup is increasingly gaining acceptance and popularity. Indeed, the substance can help many people to achieve the healthy lifestyle they desire.

Image Credits: Flickr