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Simple Tips And Tricks Towards Better Health



Let’s be honest. It takes a lot of discipline and effort to be fit, lean, and in prime physical shape. The results depend on a combination of what and when you eat and drink and how much activity you do.  Unfortunately for the chocolate cake lover in me, it is mainly what you eat that affects your shape. However, being in the best shape of my life, I can honestly say that I feel more alive. I have more energy, more drive, and more self-confidence. In order to allow you to achieve the best shape of your life, here is a list of the three most helpful fitness/health/wellness tips I put to work every single day.

1. Stop snacking and cut calories. In order to lose weight and fat, you must burn more calories than you take in. One pound of fat equals 3,500 calories. However, it is surprising how much one can consume by consistently snacking here and there every day. By being aware of when you are hungry, you can make yourself a full, satisfying meal for your needs. If you snack while you are cooking food or in between meals, you are loading yourself with calories that will not make you full.

2. Be aware of what you put into your mouth. I know this may sound a little obvious, but the truth is that people eat and drink for all kinds of reasons. Some eat when they are bored; some eat when they are sad, and so on. It’s important to notice why you are snacking for other reasons than hunger. Food is to be enjoyed and contributed to energy for your body. It is not to be consumed in excess to fill a void.

Water is one of the most beneficial elements in our body. Our bodies are made up mostly of water, which is why it is important to replenish the hydration that is lost during daily activities. Drink at least sixty-four ounces per day and always hydrate when doing strenuous activity.

In terms of food, whole foods such as fruits and vegetables, are absolutely the most nutrient-packed, healthy, easy-to-digest groups. Other whole foods include nuts, seeds, whole grains, and unprocessed meats and dairy. These foods are unprocessed and easy to digest. They also don’t typically have added artificial ingredients and fats. My best advice is to eat as little processed foods as you possibly can. Sure, everybody needs to indulge sometimes; in fact, it’s very important to treat yourself on occasion. Just be aware to limit yourself.

3. Make sure you’re exercising. Although the breakdown to affect your body shape is 80% focus on food and drink and 20% focus on activity, exercise can greatly increase your overall health and happiness. Doing physical activity challenges and sharpens your brain function by focusing on concentration and memory. It also gets your blood pumping, increasing oxygen flow, and endorphins throughout your body.

In terms of workouts, it is necessary to switch your exercise routine up. Lifting weights are very important, even for women. Also, doing your cardio at the end of your workout rather at the beginning lets your muscles work harder while lifting weights, ultimately burning the most calories. Search for exercise routines on the web to broaden your fitness knowledge.

Although these are only three tips, they were hugely influential in the transformation of my body. Stop snacking, select what you eat with care, and get your body moving. Be good to yourself.