The Benefits of Hydrotherapy


The Benefits of HydrotherapyWe all like a bath, or indeed a shower. There is a quality to warmed water that enables relaxation,
people spend small fortunes visiting health spa’s for this exact reason. But, what if the act of bathing
was less indulgence and more necessity?
A 2005 study undertaken in the UK found that adults suffering from mobility problems resulted
in 14% of the population. This figure is very much probable to be higher. There are a lot of us that
suffer in silence regarding our health concerns, whether through stupidity or fear. But what if the
prescribed medicines don’t work too well anymore, perhaps you don’t want to take them every day
and yet you don’t believe there can possibly be an alternative. Well, there most certainly is and it’s
one that has a history of changing lives for the better. You may be surprised to learn that daily bath
you take for granted is just one of numerous forms of hydrotherapy, and its benefits could really
make a difference to not just your life, but the lives of those around you.
What is Hydrotherapy?
In basic terms hydrotherapy is the use of water in the treatment of pain relief. Closely linked to
physiotherapy, water acts as the hands in this case, soothing and relaxing the muscles. There are
many different forms of hydrotherapy and many that you will be familiar with. Remember how you
felt after that Jacuzzi bath? Hydrotherapy is as simple as that.
Who Benefits?
Just about anyone, from those suffering with the age old complaint of lower back pain, to those
recovering from severe traumas such as strokes. The comforting thing about water is that you can
move much more freely within it than out. Movements that cause great discomfort on land become
that much easier in water, allowing for crucial exercise of body parts that have been held captive
through pain. Balance, strength and coordination improvements are known through the use of
hydrotherapy. The water can stimulate the body in ways unimaginable for many sufferers, and is
now commonplace in rehabilitation schemes and centres.
The freedom of movement is something we all take for granted until it is taken away from us, quickly
you realise the important part mobility plays in our general wellbeing. Medication is a known to now
work for everyone, and in the case of mobility problems, it cannot solve the complex issues that
arise. Hydrotherapy is not only a great option for your personal consideration; it could give you that
old life back. There are not many things in this world you can say that about.

John Burgess – Blogger and Expert on Walk in baths

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