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Mobility Problems – Do Something About It



Many people have mobility problems, and it’s very easy to just give up and live with it. However, this is the very last thing anyone should do. There is only one go at life, and it should be lived to the full. For someone who is reading this and has a mobility problem, these words may seem harsh however, they’re not meant to be.

It’s just a reminder that life doesn’t have to stop just because it’s difficult to get around. I have a Grandma who is in her mid 80’s, has suffered from arthritis all her life and is now practically crippled. Her spine is twisted, and she suffers a great deal of pain. Has this stopped her? No! She is still as sharp as a tack and makes use of a wheelchair and Zimmer frame to get around.

Despite the pain, she still brightens up any room she shuffles into and always has a joke or two to cheer everyone up. This is proof that people can still enjoy life even though they have physical problems that hinder their every-day lives.

With advancements in technology, there are tons of things that help so there really is no need to feel that life is not what it should be. Most mobility problems stem from diseases like arthritis and it affects just about any part of the body that’s joint-related. However, when it comes to the hips (which is one of the places my Gran has a problem), this really does hinder movement.

Hips are an integral joint in the body that allows people to walk freely and without pain. When something goes wrong with the joint, it can be excruciating. Back in the day, having a hip replacement was a complicated business, but as mentioned, there have been advancements in technology.

Thousands upon thousands of people across the Globe have surgery to help with mobility problems every single day, and it’s now widely available to people of all ages. Yes, hip problems can occur in young people as well as the elderly, but as said, this doesn’t mean that life cannot still be enjoyed to the full.

Because technology is where it is today, this type of surgery doesn’t have to cost an “arm and a leg”. In some cases, medical insurance will cover it, so it costs practically nothing. There is no reason why anyone cannot make use of the technology that’s available these days.

Sure, surgery still needs to be done, and there is recovery time, but imagine what a different life would be once finished, a hip replacement can change lives. It may have been that walking up a few steps to reach the porch of home seemed to take forever, and was incredibly painful however, with a new hip all these changes.

When I look at my Gran, who has had both hips replaced, I think of all the things she has been through in her life, and quite frankly, it humbles me. She has never let her physical problems get in the way of enjoying life the best way she can.

This is why I think that anyone who suffers like this should take a leaf out of her book and get their lives back!