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What Home Medical Supplies In Minnesota Should Elderly People Have



If you are an elderly person in the state of Minnesota, and you are pretty much homebound, there are particular home medical supplies in Minnesota that are good to have, to make life easier. There are always some specific home medical supplies in Minnesota, that is useful in every room of your home. They are not purely medicinal in nomenclature, however, they all contribute to your medical condition greatly:

1. Walker with caddy

This particular item is useful for mobility all around the home. The caddy part of the walker can be used to keep keys, change, and personal grooming items inside. This is an essential part of home medical supplies in Minnesota.

2. Shower chair

This is one of several bathroom medical supplies for ease in bathing. It helps in making the patient comfortable while taking their time bathing, because of the rubber capped legs.

3. Grab bar

This item is attached to the shower wall, so the patient can easily lift themselves out of the shower.

4. Elevated Toilet seat

Since elderly people suffer from arthritis pain in their knees, a raised toilet seat helps immeasurably in eliminating the struggle to raise themselves up from the sitting down position.

5. Hand shower nozzle

This very handy item is shaped like a shower nozzle but is attached to a long rubber hose to the shower, so you can easily wash every part of your body with ease.

6. Bed Rails

These are metal poles that move down when not in use. They eliminate the effort of raising your body weight up when you first wake up. It is also very useful in the middle of the night when you have to use the toilet.

7. Easy grip cookware and utensils

These are spatulas, can openers, potato peelers, knives, forks, and spoons with thick rubber handles for easy use for everything.

8. Power and manual wheelchairs

These are aluminum or steel, depending on what your insurance company will pay for. There are also wheelchair ramps for your front door for ease in leaving your home to go shopping.

9. Reacher

These are long sticks of various lengths, with arms at one end, and a trigger mechanism at the other end. This will enable you to reach out to arms-length items on cupboard shelves.

These and dozens of other home medical supplies in Minnesota, all contribute to elderly people living normal lives, without the necessity of moving to assisted living residences.

The longer a person can live independently, the better for their overall health, both physically and psychologically. Living with the self-assurance that you can take care of yourself, greatly enhances your chances of living longer and healthier. Also, all the things that are sold at home medical supply stores online can be shipped to you.

All the products you see online, and at the brick and mortar home medical supply stores, can be purchased with the help of insurance coverage. Many Medicare and private insurance companies will cover everything a primary care physician prescribes. There are two additional items that are sold at home medical supply websites, that would come in extremely helpful for your mobility. One is the lift chair, which is an easy chair with special controls. When you lift a particular lever the entire chair lifts up and allows you to simply walk away out of the chair. The