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Quick Glossary of Lift Chair Position Settings



Are you excited about your upcoming lift chair purchase? Welcoming a new piece of furniture into your home is always a special occasion – even though they are often classified as durable medical equipment, these chairs are just as luxurious as standard recliners and deserve just as much attention to detail.

The choice between positioning setups will be the first major decision you encounter.  There are plenty of options thanks to the fact that today’s lift chairs can do a whole lot more than just lift. How many positions do you need? How do you know which positions are available with which models? This quick guide will help to clear up some of the confusion.

A Simple Guide to Lift Chair Positions

The way manufacturers describe positioning designations could be clearer. Many shoppers get confused when they see a two-position chair, for instance, assuming that it only sits up straight and leans forward. Strangely enough, manufacturers don’t count the neutral seated position so a two-position would actually have three position options.

1. Two-Position

These are your basic lift chairs. The neutral position is the regular seated position or “book reading” position. The first position tips forward and the second position is a slight recline. Basic lifts are the most inexpensive option and the easiest to maintain. They often carry the longest warranties because the motors are so simple.

2. Three-Position

A three-position lift chair includes all of the positions mentioned above, plus a full recline. The full recline mode rarely lays exactly flat but it definitely makes for a better sleeping spot than a two-position chair. We love the lift chair recliners from USMedicalSupplies – highly recommended people who want the best of good design and effective functionality.

3. Infinite Position

These chairs are true to their name. The infinite position is a designation used for lift chairs with extreme adjustability. They usually have two motors (one to power the footrest and one to power the body) to allow for endless positioning possibilities. Everything between neutral seating to full recline is available with a high-end infinite position model.

4. Zero Gravity

Zero gravity chairs are just as adjustable as infinite position chairs but zero gravity models have one very special feature that sets them apart. The backrest leans all the way flat and the footrest rises up high to support your legs above chest level, effectively reducing pressure and back pain. Think of zero gravity chairs as the recliner interpretation of an inversion chair.

Don’t place your order just yet! You still have a long way to go. Shopping for a lift chair requires a whole lot of measuring, planning, and deciphering order forms… but at least the position designations are easy to understand once you start browsing the options.

Be aware that some brands may have different names for the same positioning setups. You never know for sure until you ask. See if any local showrooms have models available for you to demo – take a test drive before investing in a particular positioning setup to ease your mind.