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A Quick Guide on Relieving Back Pain



Back pain can be caused by many factors: sports injury, car accident, pregnancy, and even age. Luckily, you don’t have to live your life in pain. There are many easy and effective ways to treat it.

Physical Therapy

One common way of alleviating back pain and pressure is by regular physical therapy. Physical therapy is the treatment of physical disability through exercise, massage, and constant stretching. There are many common and popular therapeutic exercises that can help alleviate and mend any recovering injury.

There is also a number of stretches that help the muscle surrounding an injured area heal correctly. By stretching the muscles in the back can gently manipulate things back into the correct position, which can lead to much less pain. This type of therapy is recommended for most injuries.


Yoga can relieve many pain symptoms, including back pain. There are dozens of stretches and positions that can take the pressure off of joints and stretch the muscles in the back to help alleviate pain.

Warm and Cold Compresses

Another easy way to help with back pain is by using warm or cold compresses on the painful area. Using a warm or ice-filled washcloth will work, but also a microwaved fabric bag filled with natural herbal rice stays warmer longer and allows for a longer and deeper treatment of pain.

Therapeutic Whirlpools

Another method is soaking in a tub or whirlpool. A plain bathtub at home works, particularly if you use hot water and bath or Epsom salts to relieve joint swelling. A whirlpool is even better because the massaging action of the jets can stimulate blood flow, reduce swelling, and provide relief for weary and achy muscles.

Over the Counter Medicine

For minor or occasional pain, pain that gets in the way of a workday, or pain that isn’t manageable by an alternative method, over the counter medicine with anti-inflammatory properties, like Advil or Aleve, will help to stop the pain. They are often more effective when combined with one of the methods listed above because while an over the counter medication might help treat pain, things like stretching and warm or cold treatments actually help get to the cause of pain and treat that.

No one should have to live their lives in pain, but nothing works for everyone. Try some of these options, or mix and match a few, to find the best possible pain relief for yourself. There are many reliable ways of relieving back pain in New Jersey.