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How To Live Longer And Happier



Of course, we all want to be happy. But how could we continue living happy and what it takes a long life and also be happy?

For 70 years scientists from five generations in the U.S. have observed the lives of more than 800 people and tried to understand, what specific positive values have formed the happiness and the joy of life.

Even before World War II, were observed hundreds of students, mentally and physically healthy. Some of them were from wealthy families and were secured, while others were living in shelters. Some were gifted, and others – ordinary people. All of them, as they could, had arranged their lives. The common between them is that in a few years they have filled out questionnaires and were passed through medical research.

The results from the unique experiences are summarized by the last project manager – Dr. George Ueylant. Comparing life in a minefield, he proposed to set foot on the trail of those who have successfully made it and are happy to share international experience for happy longevity.

Illness, but do not feel sick

Our own assessment of our physical condition is much more important than the objective indicators, say U.S. researchers. No bad research, cardio, and echograms, stroke, or heart attacks can not darken the lives of those who adopt them like road accidents and to boldly continue to move forward. Optimists in serious condition look and feel much more energetic than their peers and younger pessimistic.

Love is life literally

If you have a companion in life at the age of 50 (no matter whether the first or fifth attempt!) – This is a sure sign that it is likely to celebrate your 80th anniversary in a bright mind and good health.
It turns out that stable marriage is a much more reliable sign of longevity than low cholesterol. American doctors assure us that longer and are living happier, those who love and are loved, who can listen to and sympathize with those who are warm and friendly.

We must forgive

The ability to forgive is also a correct path to happy longevity. The cumulative insults, absorb the mind and body, and deprive us of the ability to feel joy. We should not forget that the bright side of life deserves more attention than the dark.
Recently, researchers found that the properties of some elderly hostility are a risk factor for coronary insufficiency, and much larger than high cholesterol, obesity, hypertension, and smoking.

The heart feels light when the soul is feeling the same

Studies show that people who seek help from a psychologist with 33% less-visited other doctors, with 75% less go to the hospital and take a third less medication.
According to statistics, the highest life expectancy distinguished psychoanalysts who, as is well known, are themselves obliged to undergo psychoanalysis. Not in vain Freud – the father of psychoanalysis lived happily to 83 years.

Change what you can and accept as a present, that, which you can’t have

Nothing ages us as the pain of loss, but it can not be avoided. But it is important to understand that it stays that because that is worth living.
For example – often people who had left their job are angry about the poor work of their successors and grandparents get angry at your kids for being improperly educating their offspring. What sense is there to spend time and effort to keep the fire in others’ fireplace, oblivious to their own? Not in vain Chinese wisdom says that personal life begins after 50 years.

It’s never too late to learn and there is always something to learn

People who have received higher education live on average, six years longer than those who neglected doctrine. Obviously, the secret lies in the fact that educated people have greater interest and higher culture, respectively, and a more responsible attitude towards their health.

Age is no excuse for not wanting to learn. Quite the opposite – the elderly, freed from the rapid pace of the workday and household responsibilities can get great pleasure from the new knowledge and skills.
Psychologists have noticed that readiness for learning new and creative fields gives the people of retirement age more cheerfulness and self-confidence than a stable financial situation.