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How To Project Manage Your Emotions From Negative To Positive



Project management consists of many skills, skills that will help you succeed if you use these skills wisely. A good project manager is someone who can see an opportunity for an area to improve on and set a timeline to create that impact on change and delivery this. Some of the key skills that a project manager will need for this are good planning, organizing, communication, negotiation, delegation, leadership, and problem-solving skills. All of the key skills of project management can actually be used to help improve your health and the emotions you encounter in life, making life stress free and happy.

Did you know that negative emotions in life can cause some serious problems not just with your health but with your self-esteem? Negative emotions cause anger, they cause fear, they cause stress, they cause depression and they can cause frustration but if you change one of these negatives into a positive the result is a better-improved lifestyle. So, how do you go about tackling this, you set a framework in place and manage these emotions as if you were project managing a project through to delivery.

How to Manage Your Emotions

The first step to managing your emotions is to define what makes you emotional and makes you think negatively. By doing drawing a diagram of your thoughts you are making the initial stage to overcoming negativity more defined. A great project manager plans well, so plan out where the emotions stem from and the impact it has. To ignore your emotions is not a positive way forward because it all builds up and can cause an unhealthy life, planning to set the emotions free is the key to success.

Once you have planned out your emotions and are able to understand what your emotions are you can then move onto step two of your project. Step two will consist of scoping out what needs to be changed and setting objectives to do this. For example, you may have learned in the planning stage that stress was a trigger to causing negative thoughts and actions, so how do you fix this? Do you limit the amount of work you do or restructure the way you look at things; these are just a couple of fixes that you may set an objective to doing. What will happen during this stage of your management is you will be accounting for any risks associated with your objectives failing. If an objection to cure a negative emotion fails what do you do next? Always have an alternative way to fix a problem as this makes projects run more smoothly.

Having set a plan and your objectives into a place you should be ready to implement your goals. The first thing you will want to consider in this stage is the organization skills, how and when you will make that impact on change and your emotions. Think about when you will budget in the time and money into your health plan. For example, if you have negative emotions that come from you hating your body and you need to go to the gym and exercise more how may time will you do this a week and how much money will this cost you to do. Implementing an exercising schedule needs to work best for you so you can feel happy about the positive change. In terms of cost, you may want to implement a monthly membership plan so you can feel positive about how you are investing your money and keeping track of this; positive behavior with less stress leads to a healthier lifestyle and positive emotions.

It is always good to communicate your plan to others, which leads us to the next project management area. At this stage you will be showing leadership skills, leading the negative emotions and behavior away and positively driving yourself forward. What can help during this stage is communicating to people what your goals are, that way if you stray away you will have a helping hand to get you back on track, in addition, it is motivational to have the support of others.

The delivery and end goal comes when you can speak in a positive manner and not say negative things and when you can turn an emotional outburst around to stand strong and not fear. Negative emotions can be the root of all evil and leading a positive life is a blessing, with a more improved life you can avoid medical illnesses and health problems, you can even avoid Alopecia hair loss but most importantly you can improve yourself and your ability to succeed.