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Choosing an Assisted Living Facility for Your Loved One



When the time comes that one of your loved ones can no longer live on their own, you may consider assisted living facilities as an option for their care. Before deciding if, when, and where your loved one will live is something that should not be taken lightly. This decision requires a lot of research and consideration.

What Kind of Care Do They Need?

The most important thing you should ask yourself before making this decision is what kind of care my loved one needs does? Are they in need of round-the-clock medical care? If they are, then an assisted living may not be the best choice, according to Yahoo Voices. Unlike nursing homes, assisted living facilities allow its residents to hold onto some independence while gaining the additional assistance they require. In addition to knowing the level of care that your loved one needs, be sure to research what the facility itself offers. Are they able to hand out daily medications? Do they have a doctor on the premises?

What Does the Facility Offer?

Part of the appeal to these facilities is the fact that they allow your loved one to remain independent and active while receiving the help they need. You do not want a facility that will have your loved one sitting all day indoors; this will not promote a healthy life. Look into the various activity offerings the facility has.

Some question to ask:

  • Do they have any clubs?
  • Are their group trips/outings?
  • What sort of common area facilities do they have?
  • What entertainment do they provide?
  • Do they bring in any events for the residents?

The more activities your loved one has to choose from, the better the chance that they will enjoy their new living situation.

What About Later Down the Line?

It is also imperative that you look at the facility in a long term way. What will happen if your loved one’s health deteriorates and no longer will allow them to live such an active life? According to the Yahoo Voices article, some facilities offer a guaranteed position in an affiliated nursing home so that you need not worry when the time comes where your loved one can go.

Placing a loved one into an assisted living facility is always tricky, but you can find comfort in knowing you did all the research necessary to find the best possible place to meet their needs.