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Tips for Choosing an Assisted Living Community That’s Right for You



Many people mistakenly believe you’ve seen one community, you have seen them all. But the diversity among the assisted living in Ohio and across the U.S. is striking. For decades, there have generally been only two choices to take care of the senior population: families took on the caregiver responsibility, or they went to a nursing home. Since then, the options for senior care have increased to superb emotional and financial capabilities.

According to the National Center for Assisted Living, nearly one million Americans live in assisted living residences, which provide a wide range of services. With all the benefits, the odds are still great that most parents want to remain in their home, encircled by familiar surroundings. Fortunately, recent innovations have made aging in place more practical, safer, and easier.

Assisted living communities offer individuals a life-enriching experience with new expanding choices. Yet, to help choose among this growing industry, consider these tips when reviewing your options:

· Health Benefits

You should take into consideration if the community provides various health and exercise programs that enable you to live a healthy lifestyle. As we age, it’s important that we stay physically active in order to remain healthy. Also, find out if the living community offers on-site health services, in which staff will be able to assist you should you need help.

·         Motivation and Engagement

In addition to providing programs to boost your physical health, it’s equally important to search for an assisted living area that allows you to live a vibrant social life as well. What types of activities and events are available? Will you be able to carry on with your hobbies and interests? Many communities simply lapse into drab routines to boost and reinforce their reputation, and this does very little for the assisted living population. Engaging individuals and finding their interests are keys to keeping up motivation and allow them to feel independent.

·         Fostering Independence and Security

Will you be getting the best of both worlds? While many individuals choose assisted living to allow them to live as independently as possible, they also want to ensure they are safe and secure. Consider the level of independence granted as well as the security provided. You want to live independently, but you also want to ensure that support services are available, should you need them. Is the staff more hands-on or do they watch from a distance? Every assisted living community is different according to the level of care needed.

The assisted living communities in Ohio and across the U.S. offer a variety of services and flexible care options for the senior community, and unlike the care offered decades ago, a whole new world of changes offers the very best for aging in place.